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If you want to know how to become RMP doctor in India then you have to read the whole article carefully. First of all, you need to know the official definition of RMP. RMP is a village doctor who practices modern (allopathic) medicine without any formal registration/approval or legal approval.

What is RMP Doctor & RMP meaning in medical:

An RMP Doctor is an individual who is enlisted under the State Medical Register of the State Medical Council after finishing his/her undergraduate medical course in a college recognized by the State Government and approved by the Medical Council of India.

It means being registered at the state medical council or medical council of India (MCI). A registration number is given without which a person cannot practice in that particular state/country. It is the license to practice.

For example, after finishing 4.5 years of MBBS and 1 year of internship a person is eligible to get registered and become an RMP.

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RMP Doctor full form:

The full form of RMP in medical terms is “Registered Medical Practitioner”.

RMP Doctor eligibility & qualification:

There are some of the basic requirements to get admission to the RMP Doctor course.

  • Those persons who have completed the M.B.B.S., D.M.S., D.H.M.S., B.H.M.S., B.A.M.S., B.A.S.M., B.E.M.S., B.I.A.M.S., B.N.Y.T., B.A.T.S., B.U.M.S., N.D., N.O., M.D(A.M), etc.
  • The applicant should have at least 3 years of experience in the medical field.
  • Practitioners/Research Workers who are practicing for the last 10 years. The minimum basic qualification is exempted.

How to become RMP doctor or RMP registered Medical Practitioner :

To obtain RMP certification, interested and eligible candidates must first fill out an online application form, available on the PMI website. Once you apply, the Project Management Institute will take five working days to respond after reviewing the application. If the application is not selected for audit, you will be notified to pay the examination fee.

If the application is selected for audit, the candidate must submit the requested information, such as a copy of the education certificate, signed risk management experience form, and PDU certificate. PDU stands for Professional Development Unit, which refers to the level of experience. This process must be completed within 90 days. It usually takes 5 to 7 business days for PMI to respond. Once your application is accepted, you can pay the examination fee.

Upon payment of the certificate, the fee is accepted by the PMI The application process can be said to be complete, and the candidate may be ready for the examination. Once a candidate is considered eligible for the exam, they usually receive an email notification with the following information:
• Unique PMI Qualification ID of the candidate
Candidates will be eligible to participate in the examination for that period
• Exam Schedule Instructions

The test takes place at the designated center and the names of the candidates who have passed the test are displayed on the PMI website within a few days.

RMP Doctor course fees:

The estimated fees for RMP doctor is given below (they may vary from college to college)-

Ordinary RegistrationRs. 4000-5000
Permanent RegistrationRs. 15000-55000
Renewal (Renewal Annually)Rs. 3500 Per Year

NOTE- The Indian people who get their MBBS degree from other countries can’t practice in India until they qualify Indian exam and get registered for MCI.

RMP certificate image:

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FAQ’s on How to become RMP doctor in India:

Q. Is RMP a MBBS doctor?
A-> According to the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act 1956, the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is the fundamental capability to turn into a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP). MBBS is a college degree; not a doctorate.
Q.  Can I do RMP after 12th?
A-> Yes, you can. But the applicant should have at least 3 years of experience in the medical field along with 12th.
Q.  Can RMP doctor do injection?
A-> "They are not allowed to administer injections or IV fluids" as they are not educated on what needs to be done if something goes wrong after that. Some RMPs prescribe steroids, high-end antibiotics and powerful drugs to patients.
Q.  How do I register for RMP?
A-> So any experience Doctor/Practitioner/Eager Professional can take RMP registration certificate from this organization. The organization will safe guard to the RMP doctors as he will bind the rules of the Council & the Govt. The RMP Certificate will be issued By the Vocational Council Of Training Academy Reg. by Govt.

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