The range of High Salary Courses After 12th BIPC students is very wide. We all know that choosing the right career path is essential for long-term financial and professional success. For students who have completed 12th grade in the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry (BiPC.) stream, selecting the right course can significantly impact their earning potential and career satisfaction.

While some courses may lead to a higher salary, it is equally important to consider job satisfaction and future prospects. This article provides an overview of the BIPC stream, the importance of careful career planning, and the range of high salary courses available after 12th BIPC.  

List of High Salary Courses After 12th BiPC:

The BIPC stream consists of three core subjects – Biology, Physics, and Chemistry – that provide a solid foundation for a promising career. The curriculum covers electricity, motion, medical science, genetics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and more, allowing students to better understand the natural and material world. Completing the 12th grade with this stream can help students pursue higher studies in engineering, medicine, agriculture, and technology, opening up numerous career opportunities.

A detailed list of 20+ courses after 12th bipc with high salary is given below. Choose as per your interest.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
  2. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  3. Bachelor of Science in Plant Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Genetics
  5. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Science
  6. Bachelor of Veterinary Science
  7. Bachelor of Science in Dairy Technology
  8. Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business Management
  9. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  10. Bachelor of Science in Sericulture
  11. Bachelor of Science in Agronomy
  12. Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
  13. Bachelor of Biochemistry
  14. Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology
  15. Bachelor of Science in Agrarian Studies
  16. Bachelor of Fisheries Science
  17. Bachelors of Veterinary Technology
  18. Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry
  19. Bachelor of Science in Poultry Science
  20. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
High Salary Courses After 12th BIPC

Highlight the Benefits of Choosing the BIPC stream and its Relevance to High Salary Courses:

Completing 12th grade with the BIPC stream can provide the best of both worlds – a thorough understanding of science and technology and the flexibility to pursue a wide range of subjects at higher levels. Many of the courses taken after 12th grade can result in high salary jobs, depending on the subject, skills, and qualifications. Hence, carefully plan your career and optimize your chances of landing a lucrative role through a relevant course after 12th BIPC.  

Importance of Career Planning:

Regarding career planning for High Salary Courses After 12th BIPC, it is imperative to keep your options open and consider what will best suit your interests, skills, and long-term aspirations. Investing time and energy in researching courses, exploring career areas, and assessing future prospects will serve you well in the long run. Additionally, staying up to date with industry trends, emerging areas, and requirements is important. Seeking guidance from educators, parents, and industry experts can be beneficial when making an informed decision.  

Courses After 12th BiPC With High Salary:

The range of high salary courses available to 12th BIPC students is vast and includes traditional and cutting-edge professions. Here are some of the most lucrative career options for students who have completed 12th grade in the BIPC stream:  

Engineering Courses:

Engineering is a high-paying field with many opportunities for career growth. 12th BIPC students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, electronics, or communications engineering. Many engineering courses offer the option to specialize in one or more areas.  

Medicine Courses:

Medicine is another high salary career option for 12th BIPC students. Admission to medical college for a Bachelor’s degree in medicine requires a minimum of 65% in the BIPC stream. Additionally, students must pass the entrance examination set by the respective college or university.  

Biology and Chemistry Courses:

Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biology or Chemistry may open up opportunities for teaching, research, and other exciting jobs in the science field.  

Computer Science Courses:

Computer Science involves the study of computers and related technologies and offers an array of jobs in the IT sector, including software development, systems administration, and web development.  

The eligibility criteria, admission process, and duration of various courses vary from one college or university to another. It is important to consider the internship and placement opportunities from the institutions and consult career advisors or counselors before making a final decision.  

Case Studies and Success Stories:

To ensure that your decisions are backed by real-life experiences, let’s explore a few success stories. Shanaya Prithvi chose to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science after 12th BIPC and is now one of the top engineers at a reputed IT firm.

Similarly, Tarun opted for corporate law and is now a corporate attorney with an impressive salary package. Aditi chose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and is now a successful research scientist at a well-known laboratory. These case studies demonstrate the potential of various high salary courses available after 12th BIPC and how they can pave the way for success.  

Factors Influencing Salary:

Apart from the course selected, many other factors can influence your salary potential. These include experience, skillset, location, industry demand, and additional qualifications. Enhancing your skillset and taking on professional certifications can be advantageous in the long run. Additionally, staying updated with the emerging trends in your sector can be advantageous. 

CoursesAverage Monthly Salary (in INR)
B.Sc. Agriculture24,000 – 60,000
B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering42,000 – 1,00,000
B.Tech. Dairy Technology40,000 – 62,000
B.Sc. Forestry35,000 – 90,000
MBA (Agriculture)40,000 – 1,00,000
B.Tech. Food Technology40,000 – 1,00,000
B.Sc. Horticulture40,000 – 60,000
PhD in Plant Breeding50,000 – 1,25,000
B.V.Sc & A.H60,000 – 1,00,000

Tips for Choosing the Right Course:

When selecting the right course after 12th BIPC, it is important to carefully assess your options and ensure they suit your interests, aptitude, and career goals. Additionally, ensuring that the chosen course has a wide scope of job opportunities is important.

It is also advisable to look into the remuneration levels offered by various sectors and research prospects for career growth. Furthermore, when choosing a course, pay attention to job satisfaction and evaluate if the potential job would fulfill your personal and professional aspirations.  

Additional Considerations:

Though it is essential to choose a course carefully to maximize earning potential, it is equally important to develop transferable skills that will prove useful over the long term. Internships and networking can open many doors, both professionally and financially.

Furthermore, lifelong learning is vital in today’s ever-evolving environment. Whether taking short-term courses, reading books, or attending seminars, adequate knowledge and understanding of the industry can provide a competitive edge and add value to your current position.   


Choosing the right course after 12th BIPC can reap numerous personal and professional benefits. Students must carefully plan their career paths, explore options, and make informed decisions to ensure a successful and financially rewarding path.

This article has highlighted the range of high salary courses available to 12th BIPC students and the factors that can influence one’s salary potential. Ask questions, seek guidance, and choose a course that brings in money and brings you joy and career satisfaction.

FAQ on High Salary Courses After 12th BIPC:

Q.  Which course is better after 12th BiPC?
A->  MBBS is one of the best Degree courses among the all high salary courses after 12th BIPC.
Q.  Which degree is best for future after 12th?
A->  Medicine/ MBBS. ...
Engineering. ...
BBA. ...
LLB (Bachelor of Law) ...
Bachelor in Statistics. ... are some best degree courses for better future after 12th.
Q.  What are the best courses for BiPC students after intermediate?
A->  MBBS, BDS; BDS to MBBS Bridge Course., D Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy., BHMS-Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery., BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery.

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