Understanding the usage of Articles is essential for young learners as it helps them develop proper sentence structure and comprehension skills. In this blog post, we will explore A An The Worksheet For Class 2 students to grasp the correct usage of Articles in English grammer. Below we are providing more than 100+ articles exercises for class 2 with or without answers. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive resource to enhance your students’ understanding of articles.

What are A, An, and The?

In English, articles play a vital role in conveying important information about nouns. The three Articles used in English are ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’. Understanding when and how to use these articles correctly is crucial for effective communication.

The article ‘a’ is used before a singular, countable noun that is not specific or known to the listener. For example, “I saw a cat in the garden.” Here, ‘cat’ is a general noun, and ‘a’ is used to indicate any cat, not a specific one.

On the other hand, the article ‘an’ is used before a singular, countable noun that starts with a vowel sound. For example, “She ate an apple.” In this case, ‘an’ is used because ‘apple’ starts with a vowel sound (‘a’).

Lastly, the article ‘the’ is known as the definite article and is used when we refer to a specific noun that is known to both the speaker and the listener. For instance, “I saw the cat in the garden.” Here, ‘the’ is used because both the speaker and the listener know which cat is being referred to.

Understanding the correct use of these three Articles can significantly improve the clarity and accuracy of your writing and speaking. Now, let’s delve into a worksheet that will help Class 2 students practice using ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’ effectively in various contexts.

Practice Set Of ‘A An The Worksheet For Class 2:

Below are some Exercises on ‘A An The Worksheet For Class 2‘ for your kids or students. You can find the Answers at the bottom of these questions. Make sure to practice all of them.

1. Fill-In-The-Blanks With A An The:

  1. I found ________ apple on the tree.
  2. Can you pass me ________ book, please?
  3. She has ________ orange juice in her glass.
  4. There is ________ elephant in the zoo.
  5. He saw ________ owl perched on the branch.
  6. Can you give me ________ ice cream?
  7. We played with ________ ball in the park.
  8. There was ________ cat sleeping on the mat.
  9. I saw ________ snake slithering across the road.
  10. She wants to be ________ astronaut when she grows up.
  11. Can you bring ________ umbrella? It is raining.
  12. We went to ________ beach for a picnic.
  13. There is ________ butterfly on the flower.
  14. The dog is chewing ________ bone.
  15. Please pass me ________ pencil.
  16. We rode ________ bicycle to school.
  17. There is ________ clock on the wall.
  18. She wants to buy ________ dress for the party.
  19. He played with ________ toy car.
  20. We went out for ________ dinner.
  21. Can you open ________ door for me?
  22. I need ________ new pair of shoes.
  23. There is ________ horse in the field.
  24. Please wash ________ dishes after dinner.
  25. He needs ________ haircut.

2. Choose The Right Article & Fill-In-The-Blanks:

  1. I saw ________ dog in the park yesterday.
    a) a
    b) the
  2. She found ________ apple under the tree.
    a) an
    b) the
  3. He bought ________ new car last week.
    a) a
    b) the
  4. ________ man with a hat is waiting outside.
    a) a
    b) the
  5. We went to ________ beach for a picnic.
    a) a
    b) the
  6. I saw ________ bird in the sky.
    a) a
    b) the
  7. She has ________ yellow dress for the party.
    a) a
    b) the
  8. ________ cat is sitting on the roof.
    a) a
    b) the
  9. We enjoyed ________ movie last night.
    a) a
    b) the
  10. He is wearing ________ black shoes.
    a) a
    b) the
  11. She bought ________ red bicycle.
    a) a
    b) the
  12. I heard ________ noise outside my window.
    a) a
    b) the
  13. They have ________ beautiful garden in their backyard.
    a) a
    b) the
  14. I found ________ interesting book at the library.
    a) an
    b) the
  15. Can you pass me ________ pencil, please?
    a) a
    b) the
  16. She is wearing ________ necklace around her neck.
    a) a
    b) the
  17. We visited ________ museum during our school trip.
    a) a
    b) the
  18. He has ________ headache and needs rest.
    a) a
    b) the
  19. There is ________ orange tree in the garden.
    a) an
    b) the
  20. They saw ________ shooting star in the sky.
    a) a
    b) the
  21. She took ________ red umbrella with her.
    a) a
    b) the
  22. We have ________ new student in our class.
    a) a
    b) the
  23. I found ________ old photograph in the attic.
    a) a
    b) the
  24. They built ________ house on top of the hill.
    a) a
    b) the
  25. Can you give me ________ pen, please?
    a) a
    b) the

3. Articles Exercises For Class 2 with “a,” “an,” or “the”:

  1. I saw ________ elephant at ________ zoo yesterday.
  2. Mom bought me ________ new toy for my birthday.
  3. Please pass me ________ apple from ________ basket.
  4. Sarah owns ________ adorable puppy named Max.
  5. I want to be ________ artist when I grow up.
  6. They live in ________ old house by ________ beach.
  7. ________ cat is playing with ball in ________ garden.
  8. I’m going to ________ library to return ________ books.
  9. He is ________ excellent student and always gets ________ good grades.
  10. Let’s go to ________ park and have ________ picnic this weekend.

4. Read The Sentences Carefully And Tick The Correct Article:

  1. I saw ________ (a / an / the) blue bird sitting on ________ (a / an / the) tree.
  2. My friend has ________ (a / an / the) pet cat named Max.
  3. ________ (A / An / The) sun shines brightly in ________ (a / an / the) morning.
  4. He has ________ (a / an / the) amazing talent for playing ________ (a / an / the) piano.
  5. We visited ________ (a / an / the) beautiful beach last summer.
  6. My mom made ________ (a / an / the) delicious cake for my birthday.
  7. I would like ________ (a / an / the) orange from ________ (a / an / the) fruit basket.
  8. She is wearing ________ (a / an / the) elegant dress for ________ (a / an / the) party.
  9. They live in ________ (a / an / the) old house near ________ (a / an / the) river.
  10. My dad bought me ________ (a / an / the) new bicycle for my graduation.
  11. Can you pass me ________ (a / an / the) salt, please?
  12. I love to visit ________ (a / an / the) park and feed ________ (a / an / the) ducks.
  13. She wants to become ________ (a / an / the) actress when she grows up.
  14. We saw ________ (a / an / the) amazing movie last night.
  15. He has ________ (a / an / the) important meeting with ________ (a / an / the) boss tomorrow.
  16. ________ (A / An / The) elephant is ________ (a / an / the) largest land animal.
  17. I need to buy ________ (a / an / the) new pair of shoes.
  18. They live in ________ (a / an / the) big house at ________ (a / an / the) end of the street.
  19. My sister wants ________ (a / an / the) iPhone for her birthday.
  20. ________ (A / An / The) owl is ________ (a / an / the) nocturnal bird.
  21. I need to get ________ (a / an / the) haircut this weekend.
  22. She is learning to play ________ (a / an / the) guitar.
  23. Can I have ________ (a / an / the) apple from ________ (a / an / the) refrigerator?
  24. He is ________ (a / an / the) only person who can fix my computer.
  25. ________ (A / An / The) doctor came in and examined ________ (a / an / the) patient.

5. Complete The Following Article Worksheet For Class 2:

  1. ________ dog.
  2. ________ apple.
  3. ________ book.
  4. ________ car.
  5. ________ computer.
  6. ________ elephant.
  7. ________ hat.
  8. ________ umbrella.
  9. ________ pen.
  10. ________ school.
  11. ________ egg.
  12. ________ guitar.
  13. ________ house.
  14. ________ orange.
  15. ________ chair.
  16. ________ city.
  17. ________ doctor.
  18. ________ flower.
  19. ________ friend.
  20. ________ island.

All Answers Are Here:

This is the section for all the amswers of the A An The Worksheet For Class 2 as image format.


By providing a comprehensive worksheet on articles, you can equip your Class 2 students with the necessary skills to master the usage of ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the.’ Remember to create a supportive and interactive learning environment where students feel confident to ask questions and actively participate in language activities. With consistent practice and reinforcement, your students will soon become adept at using articles correctly, preparing them for more complex language skills in the future.

Remember, the worksheet provided in this blog post is just a starting point. Feel free to tailor it to your student’s needs and adapt it to suit your teaching style. Good luck and happy teaching!

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