How to become a food inspector in India

In this article, you are going to know about how to become a Food Inspector in India. The food industry is a developing industry in India. Assuming you look at the accessibility of the profession in the food business, there are different terms. Do you have any idea that there are food scientists, food lawyers, food technologists, and food production directors? Nevertheless, the most notable and most generously compensated job in the food business is the food inspector.

Being a food inspector is an amazing position associated with human well-being. A food inspector determines and confirms the nature of the food. They take a jolt to the integrated system until the result is given to the clients. Their responsibility is to ensure that the food served in the accommodation and cafe is good for the overall population.

Who is a food inspector & what is the work of a food inspector?

Before you know how to become a food inspector in India, you should find out who the food inspector is and what his job is. A food inspector is a person who observes food. There is one food inspector in each district of India. The food inspector looks after all the food items sold in the various food stores, food factories, distributors, storerooms, or markets in the district where he works. So that we ordinary people can eat good quality food.

How to become a food inspector in India

The food inspector also regularly inspects the ration shops in his district. In addition, the food inspector looks after the mid-day meal of all the schools in his district to ensure good quality. Food inspectors have the power to revoke the licenses of those who see negligence or injustice in their work.

How to become a food inspector in India step by step

So the point is how to become a Food Inspector in India. Follow the process to the end so that you have no more queries left.

Food inspector Eligibility-

To become a food inspector, you need to be at least 18 to 42 years of age. An additional 5 years for SC / STs and additional 3 years for OBCs are exempted.

Food inspector Qualification-

To become a Food Inspector, you must first pass Class XII in any stream with a minimum score of 50%. Then you have to do a Graduation degree in any subject. However, if you complete graduation in physics, chemistry, or biology, then you have some advantages.

Skills required to become a Food Inspector:

To become a food inspector in India, you need to be physically and mentally healthy. The food inspector’s ability to smell and see needs to be a little faster. Because the food inspector can tell by looking or smelling the food that any food is good or bad. And some other vital qualities will be much needed like-

  • Critical thinking
  • Mental acuity
  • Analytical thinking
  • Risk assessment skills
  • Crisis management skills
  • Ability to become a leader
  • Intellectual
  • moral integrity, etc.

Food Inspector Selection Process:

You have to appear and clear the All India Food Inspector Exam conducted by the UPSC. The selection process for Food inspectors is conducted by the UPSC. The selection process for Food Inspector is divided into 3 sections. – 1. Preliminary Exam, 2. Main Exam & 3. Interview.

1. Preliminary Exam:

The first test you need to take after filling up the form is the Preliminary exam. All applicants appear for this test. In this section, you have to answer the objective question. This test consists of 200 numbers with 100 questions, each of which has a value of 2. And remember there is a negative marking of 1/3rd for every incorrect answer.

Average Cut Off marks for UPSC Preliminary exam-


2. Main Exam-

In this section, candidates will take the test where they have to write descriptive answers, not objective. According to the new rules, you have to give this test in 9 parts. Your score will be out of a total of 1750 numbers. It is mandatory to score at least 25% in each paper for assessment at the time of final selection. Candidates have to write the answer in the answer sheet given by UPSC.

Average Cut Off marks for UPSC Main exam-


3. Interview-

The interview process is the final stage of the selection process of the UPSC Exam Pattern for becoming a food officer. The interview consists of 275 marks which makes the total maximum marks 2025. In this interview, some of the other officers ask you some questions which are usually a little tricky to answer. Then you are given marks according to your exhibition.

After all, if you are selected for this position then you will be sent to the training and whenever your training is over you will be sent to the area of your posting.

Some tips & tricks to crack Food Inspector Exam:

  1. It will not be an easy task to get a job as a food inspector. Many up-and-coming people also apply for the opportunity. You should start preparing in advance to appear decisively in this aggressive test. Last-moment studies are not at all going to help you. Start Exam Preparation after the 12th.
  2. Focus entirely on each topic. Read more about what you find annoying.
  3. Try solving all your doubts & try not to continue further by keeping uncertainty. Get an answer to your questions and issues.
  4. Proper time management and a booked schedule are ideal key answers to breaking this assessment. Effectively offset the use of time with each subject and spread the time evenly.
  5. After the planning revision is an unquestionable requirement. Indeed, I truly do concur however with revision earlier year paper settling is likewise an absolute necessity. You will comprehend the paper pattern and will be utilized to and ready for the assessment.

Food Inspector Salary:

If we want to know about the salary of a food inspector, we must first know that the salary of a food inspector varies from state to state. But on average, a food inspector gets a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000.

Moreover, many benefits like accommodation, food, travel expenses, etc. are given to a food inspector by the government.

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Food Inspector career prospects:

There is a growing need for food inspectors in India with the growing food processing units, food centers, and large-scale procurement by government agencies.

Although most of the vacancies for food inspectors are in the public sector, their need is increasing as they have to monitor the activities of both the public sector agencies and inspect privately owned food processing plants. For this food, inspectors are appointed by various state and central government departments to check the quality of food products required by the laws of the country.

Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Food Inspector:


  • Being a food inspector is a prestigious job because the person is appointed at the administrative level. And the salary is good along with the work responsibilities.
  • Along with the position, a food officer also gets some rights that help them make important decisions.
  • The job is honorable because it becomes the responsibility of the food inspector to take care of human hygiene and health.
  • They have the right to formulate policies for the betterment of the food industry and the people.
  • This is a post that automatically helps you to serve the community.
  • He has a supervisory role and can ensure that all manufacturers and food producers follow the guidelines the government laid down.


  • Those with no science or math background cannot apply for the position of Food Inspector.
  • The examinations conducted by the Central and State Public Service Commissions are rigorous.
  • Many times the food inspector has to make a decision immediately, which is a big responsibility.
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FAQ’s on How to become a food inspector in India:

Q.  What is the salary of food inspector in India?
A->  On average, a food inspector gets a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000. And many benefits like accommodation, food, travel expenses, etc. are given to a food inspector by the government.

Q.  What qualifications do I need to be a food inspector?
A->  After bachelor and diploma courses you can opt for this career option.

Q.  Is food inspector exam easy?
A->  Food inspector is a competitive test. It will not be an easy task to crack it, be it at the state or national level. At the same time many candidates also applied for the vacant post. So, if you want to come out with flying colors in this competitive test, you should start preparing.

Q.  Is food inspector a good career?
A->  A food inspector's job availability and future opportunities are high. A food inspection career is where you can find the ideal effort of job advancement potential and the feeling of ensuring community safety.
Now you know how to become a Food Inspector in India. If you like this article let us know in the comment section.

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