How to become a Psychiatrist without medical school 2023 | Easy 5 steps

Do you wany to know How to become a Psychiatrist without medical school in 2023 and further? This article is for those interested in psychiatry but do not want to pursue medical school, several paths remain available to become a qualified psychiatrist.

How to become a Psychiatrist without medical school:

Being a psychiatrist typically requires a medical degree. However, there are some alternative paths to becoming a Psychiatrist without medical school. Some US states have programs allowing individuals with a master’s degree in psychology to become licensed as a counselor or therapists.

Additionally, some states have programs that allow individuals with a master’s degree in social work to become licensed as a counselor or therapist. These alternative paths may not lead to the same level of education or experience as a medical degree. However, they can still provide an opportunity to help individuals with mental health issues.

5 steps to bocome a Psychiatrist without medical school:

Here we will discuss five steps to help you get on the path on how to become a psychiatrist without medical school.

Step 1: Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to becoming a psychiatrist without medical school is to obtain your Bachelor’s degree in a field related to psychology or counseling. You may pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology, social work, counseling, or any related field. This will give you the foundation knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field.

Step 2: Obtain a Master’s Degree

After completing your undergraduate degree, the next step is to obtain a Master’s Degree in a field such as counseling, psychology, social work, or a related field with a specialization in psychiatry. Your Master’s Degree program should include coursework that covers psychological topics such as human behaviour, mental health, and substance abuse. Additionally, you should be trained in diagnosing and treating mental disorders, including pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment methods.

Step 3: Complete an Internship

To become a licensed psychiatrist, you must complete a supervised practical internship. An internship can be obtained through a hospital, mental health agency, or other clinical setting. This will give you the necessary clinical experience under the supervision of a licensed psychiatrist.

Step 4: Take the EPPP Exam

The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is a required licensing examination that must be passed to become a licensed psychiatrist. It is a multiple-choice exam administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards and covers topics such as clinical psychology, diagnosis, and treatment.

Step 5: Apply for Licensure

Once you have completed all the requirements, you can apply for licensure in your state or province. This includes verifying that you have met all the requirements, such as obtaining a bachelor’s, master’s, internship, and passing the EPPP examination. Once your application is approved, you will receive your credentials as a qualified psychiatrist.

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How many years to become a Psychiatrist?

Becoming a psychiatrist takes a long time and a lot of dedication. On average, it takes around 11-12 years to complete the educational and clinical requirements of becoming a psychiatrist.

You must complete an undergraduate degree in the sciences or a related field, followed by four years of medical school. After medical school, you must complete a psychiatry residency program, which typically takes four years. Additionally, some psychiatrists may choose to specialize in a specific field, such as child psychiatry, which requires an additional two years of clinical instruction.

Completing the educational and clinical requirements for becoming a psychiatrist takes 12 years. After completing the necessary steps, you will become board certified and can become an independent practitioner. To maintain board certification, psychiatrists must participate in ongoing continuing education courses to stay current with their field’s latest knowledge and treatments.

Therefore, becoming a psychiatrist takes dedication, commitment, and a long time. The profession’s rewards are numerous and well worth the investment of time and energy.

Psychiatrist salary per month:

The average annual salary for a psychiatrist in the United States is around $220,380. This figure varies depending on the area in which the psychiatrist resides. Psychiatrists in larger cities and metropolitan areas make more money than those in smaller towns due to the higher cost of living. Regarding education and work experience, most psychiatrists have completed a four-year doctoral degree in medicine or psychiatry and three to four years of post-doctoral training in a residency program.

Additionally, many psychiatrists will become certified by a certification board such as the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. The demand for psychiatrists has been steadily increasing due to the increasing prevalence of mental health issues, making this a highly sought-after field of medicine.

Top 5 Psychiatrist in the world:

  1. Dr. Jonathan Metzl – USA – $300,000+
  2. Dr. Renée Binder – USA – $280,000+
  3. Dr. Matthew Lorber – USA – $275,000+
  4. Dr. Jairo Suarez – Colombia – $250,000+
  5. Dr. Dan Itzkowitz – Israel – $250,000+


Becoming a psychiatrist without medical school is a difficult yet achievable undertaking. Those interested in a career in psychiatry must have a strong understanding of the field’s core concepts while simultaneously pursuing the appropriate licensure requirements to practice. Aspiring psychiatrists should consider selecting additional specializations in addition to basic psychiatric topics to diversify and expand their knowledge.

By seeking out teaching or research opportunities in the field and maintaining a network of professionals, those interested in displacing traditional routes towards becoming a psychiatrist can gain invaluable insight and connections. With dedication and the right resources, those interested in becoming a psychiatrist without medical school can pursue their dreams by 2023.

FAQ on How to become a Psychiatrist without medical school:

Q.  Can I become a psychiatrist without MBBS?
A->  To become a psychiatrist, you need to do the MBBS degree, after which a two-year PG Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM) or three-year MD (Psychiatry) is required.
Q.  Can I study Psychiatry without NEET?
A->  If you want to become a psychiatrist in India, you must hold an MBBS degree. And the only way to enrol for an MBBS degree is to clear the competitive entrance exams like NEET. Thus NEET is a must to become a psychiatrist in India.
Q.  Who is the most famous psychiatrist in the world?

A->  It is difficult to answer this question definitively, as there are many famous psychiatrists in the world. Some of the most notable names include Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, B. F. Skinner, Erich Fromm, Hans Eysenck, and Victor Frankl.

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