Exclusive Cyber Security courses after 12th

Here is a detailed article about Cyber Security courses after 12th. We discussed every single important details you need to know. So, you can take your diction very carefully before entering in Cyber Security field.

What is Cyber Security ?

As the field of technology improves, so does the use of computers and the Internet. At present most of our work is being done through internet. Whether it is a government company or a private company, all the work is now done through the internet. Apart from these, the important thing is that all money transactions are done through internet nowadays. In addition, millions of users come online every day on the Internet through user devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, phones, various smart devices.

cyber security courses after 12th

In such a situation, it is very important to pay attention to the security of the user on the Internet. Because, day after day on the Internet Fraud, Hacking, Virus Attack, Data Theft are the victims of ordinary Internet users. That is why providing security to the user has become very important now or in the future. So in a word, cyber security is used to protect internet users from cyber crime so that users get protection.

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attack. It’s also known as information technology security or electronic information  security.

5 reasons to choose Cyber Security courses after 12th :

Network protection is the get-together of advances that methods and practices expected to guarantee frameworks, PCs, activities and data from attack, hurt or unapproved get to. In a handling setting, security consolidates both online protection and actual security, it is basic since cyberattacks can without a very remarkable stretch take and annihilate the significantly gathered information of governments, guard workplaces and banks for which the outcomes are immense so it is fundamental to have a fitting development which a stay away from advanced bad behaviors.

  • Evergreen Industries : As the days go by, the use of internet or smart devices will increase, and as the usage increases, the demand for cyber security expert will also increase. You have an unlimited growth potential with this field. As you work harder your growth will increase soon.
  • No Math Concern : Almost everybody hates math. If math seems boring to you, you don’t need to be worry. This field do not require math background or math related work.
  • Dynamic & Challenging Jobs : You will never get bored if you really love this field. Everyday, new and interesting problems you will face. If you are challenging type of person go for this course, your creativity will be encouraged day by day. You can visit various countries during this jobs.
  • High Salary : You will be paid higher than you think every time you complete a project. Or if you work in govt. or pvt. companies your salary will also be very high.
  • Work with top Secret Agencies : You can work in any company or government sector of your choice. You will be proud that there is a option you can opt for work with top secret agencies worldwide, like- National Security Agency (NSA), Mossad, Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6) etc.

Here I discussed about best 5 reasons why you should choose Cyber Security courses after 12th. There are not only these 5 reasons to continue in this field. There are many more reasons to opt for this course like- unlimited growth potential, everyone will want you in their difficult times etc.

Who Should go for Cyber Security courses after 12th ?

cyber security courses after 12th

Anybody having the energy to learn imaginative advances can take up this course. Also those student who loves computer and never gets bored on computer, this course is very suitable for them. Otherwise if you don’t love general studies, you can opt for this option.

After 12th is the time to focus on your career also. So I would say Cyber Security as a career option will never let’s you down in future. Not only you, also encourage your friends about this course.

We, almost all people don’t know about this types of courses are available nowadays. In one sentence, “go for it”.

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Cyber Security courses after 12th Eligibility :

The candidate must fulfill all the Cyber Security eligibility criteria to apply for admission. The candidate can check eligibility related information listed below:

For UG and PG Diploma :

  • The candidate can continue with a diploma through the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • The candidate must complete graduation or master’s degree examination to pursue the diploma courses.

For B.Tech/B.E/B.Sc :

  • Candidates have to complete 12th level examination to apply for admission in cyber security.
  • Applicants must be passed with 60% minimum marks in PCM as the main subject.
  • Applicants should obtain an acceptable rank and mark in JEE Mains Entrance examination in order to get admission in B.Tech or B.E.

For  M.Tech/M.E :

  • Applicants must be the holder of the bachelor degree of  B.Tech or B.E or any other equivalent technical degree .
  • Must be passed with at least 55% marks in the examination.
  • Candidates have to score the acceptable marks and rank in the GATE entrance examination.

Cyber Security courses after 12th Admission Procedure :

  • The candidate will be selected on the basis of marks obtained in the All India entrance examination test like GATE or JEE Main,the candidate will be selected after the examination conducted by the university itself.
  • The admission will be based on merit list.
  • To get admission in cyber security candidates must have qualified JEE Main or Gate in order to get selected.
  • The selected candidate has to attend the counseling session and go on with documents verification before the final admission procedure.

Types Of Cyber Security Courses after 12th :

Candidates can pursue this course as a part time,full-time or it can be pursued online.Majority of courses related to this field are offered as full time programs by the government and private colleges.Certification courses are  more popular among prospective students.

Popular Cyber Security courses which can be pursued after class 12 are listed below-

B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security4 Years
B.Tech in computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security and Forensics.4 Years
B.Tech in Computer Science4 Years
BE in Information Technology4 Years
B.Sc in Cyber Security3 Years
BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security3 Years
BCA Hons. In Cyber Security3 Years
Types of Cyber Security courses

Entrance exam for Cyber Security Courses after 12th :

Given below are some UG Entrance Exams which a candidate can give after completing class 10+2.

Entrance ExamConducting BodyMode of Exam
HITSEEEHindustan Institute of Technology and ScienceOnline
Jee MainNTAOnline
SEESAGE UniversityOnline
Popular entrance exams for Cyber Security

Best Colleges/Universities with Cyber Security Course :

Applicants can check out these colleges and universities listed below –

Candidates will be fit in the job listed below after cyber security courses. But it may vary according to applicant’s choice. A short description is provided about every field discussed here.

Security Architect : Security Architect consolidates equipment and programming information with programming capability, research abilities, and strategy improvement. Security draftsmen expect possible dangers and plan frameworks to appropriate them. As senior data innovation experts, security planners plan, carry out, and oversee PC and organization security frameworks.

cyber security course in India

Application Security : Application security portrays safety efforts at the application level that expect to forestall information or code inside the application from being taken or captured. Your work will be giving security to them.

Network Security : Organization security is an expansive term that covers a huge number of advancements, gadgets and cycles. In its least complex term, it’s anything but a bunch of rules and setups intended to secure the honesty, secrecy and availability of PC organizations and information utilizing both programming and equipment advances. You have to take care of that all.

Security Analyst : As a digital protection examiner, you will ensure IT framework (counting organizations, equipment and programming) from a scope of crime. You will screen organizations and frameworks, identify security dangers (events), break down and evaluate alerts, and report on dangers, interruption endeavors and bogus cautions, either settling them or raising them, contingent upon the seriousness.

Forensic Expert : An IT Forensic Expert, additionally in some cases known as a Forensics Expert or Forensic Engineer, is liable for identifying, collecting and afterward investigating the entirety of the likely proof of digital wrongdoing from PCs, organizations and other related data and IT gear. This can incorporate PCs, cell phones and tablets, or other information stockpiling handling gadgets.

To put it plainly, the job is that of a computerized investigator, sorting out the proof that will probably be utilized to demonstrate charges against hoodlums, programmers and other miscreants whoever and any place they might be.

Cryptographer : A Cryptographer is answerable for creating security frameworks utilizing calculations and codes to encode touchy information. A connected occupation job, that of Cryptanalyst, resembles the other side of a similar coin. They dissect and decode data contained inside figure messages and scrambled information.

Penetration Test : A penetration test, or pen test, is an endeavor to assess the security of an IT framework by securely attempting to abuse weaknesses. Rather than checking the windows and entryways, they test workers, organizations, web applications, cell phones, and other potential section focuses to discover shortcomings.

Chief Information Security Officer : The CISO ( Chief Information Security Officer ) is a senior-level leader liable for creating and carrying out a data security program, which incorporates strategies and arrangements intended to ensure endeavor interchanges, frameworks and resources from both inner and outside dangers.

Security Code Auditor : A Secure Code Auditor is liable for checking on source code to find if there are any potential security shortcomings, bugs, adventures or infringement of programming norms. They can assist with forestalling digital dangers by uncovering any shortcomings that are found in an associations PC source code.

General MotorsReliance
Capital OneBoeing
GoogleNorthrop Grumman
Name of popular recruiter for Cyber Security courses after 12th

Scopes of Cyber Security courses after 12th :

There is a huge demand for Cyber Security professionals due to the cyber attacks on the systems of many companies and banks.

The companies hire professionals so that they can develop new security networks and protect their data and stop malicious hackers  from breaking into companies’ systems and destroying their sensitive data.

The salary of a Cyber Security Professional depends upon the work experience and the company in which they are working but talking about the initial salary, a cyber security specialist earns Rs.3 lakh INR to Rs.4 lakh INR per annum.

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FAQs of Cyber Security Courses after 12th :

Q. Does Cyber Security require Coding?
A. Majority of jobs do not require coding .However ,it may be required for some mid and upper level positions.
Q. Is a Cyber Security course difficult to study?
A. With appropriate training ,hard work, determination, interest and genuine study, Cyber security is not difficult to learn and understand.
Q. What is the best degree in Cyber Security after 12th?
A. The best of the options in the field includes but not limited to B.Tech in cyber security, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Cyber Security and many more.
Q. Can a 10th pass student opt for Cyber Security Courses ?
A. Yes, no age is mandatory to do such a course. But, if you have a little more degree the more suitable courses it becomes.

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