You are here means you are searchimg for Unseen Passage For Class 2 In English with questions. This article aims to shed light on the Unseen Passages as a valuable tool to develop reading skills in English for students in Class 2. It explores the importance of cultivating reading habits early on and explains how unseen passages contribute towards this goal. There are 25+ examples given below. Try to Practice all of it.

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Importance of Unseen Passages For Class 2:

Unseen passages hold great importance for class 2 students studying English. These passages are a powerful tool for developing essential skills like reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and critical thinking. Students learn to decipher and understand written text by practising with unseen passages, enhancing their overall literacy skills. These passages also expose students to a range of topics and writing styles, broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Furthermore, unseen passages provide a fair and unbiased assessment method, allowing teachers to objectively evaluate students’ reading abilities. Overall, unseen passages are crucial in cultivating a strong foundation in English language skills for young learners.

25+ Examples Of Unseen Passage For Class 2 In English:

Unseen Passage For Class 2 in English

Below there are more than 25 examples of unseen passages for class 2. Try every passage to complete. We will deliver new passages frequently. Feel free to make any changes or alterations to the text to meet your needs better. Without any discussion, let’s see the passages.

1. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Rahul and his dad went fishing on a sunny day. They sat by the river and cast their lines. Rahul caught a big fish and felt proud. His dad smiled and hugged him. They took a photo to remember their special fishing trip.

  1. Who went fishing together?
  2. Where did they go fishing?
  3. What did Rahul catch?
  4. How did Rahul feel after catching the fish?
  5. What did they do to remember their fishing trip?

2. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Jiya’s dog, Max, was always energetic. Max loved to chase his tail around the garden. One day, Max got tired and found a cool spot under a tree. Jiya brought his water bowl and watched Max enjoy his rest.

  1. What is the name of Jiya’s dog?
  2. What did Max love to chase?
  3. Where did Max find a cool spot?
  4. What did Jiya bring for Max?
  5. How did Max feel during his rest?

3. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Varun and his sister Lucky went on a nature walk. They spotted a cute squirrel collecting acorns. Varun took out his camera and clicked a picture. Lucky held Oliver’s hand tightly. They watched the squirrel run away with its food.

  1. Who went on a nature walk?
  2. What did Varun do when they spotted the squirrel?
  3. What was the squirrel collecting?
  4. How did Lucky feel during the nature walk?
  5. What did the squirrel do after collecting the acorns?

4. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Ruhi was a brave girl. She decided to climb a big tree in her backyard. She reached the top and saw a bird’s nest with three baby birds. Ruhi admired their soft feathers and heard them chirp. She climbed down carefully, leaving the birds undisturbed.

  1. What did Ruhi decide to do?
  2. Where did Ruhi see a bird’s nest?
  3. How many baby birds were there in the nest?
  4. What did Ruhi admire about the birds?
  5. How did Ruhi climb down after seeing the birds?

5. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Tommy loves cars. He has a collection of toy cars. Today, he received a remote-control car as a gift. Tommy felt excited and started driving it around the house. The car zoomed in and made realistic noises. Tommy had great fun playing with his new toy.

  1. What does Tommy love?
  2. What did he receive as a gift?
  3. How did Tommy feel about the gift?
  4. Where did Tommy start driving his car?
  5. How did Tommy feel while playing with his new toy car?

6. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Emma’s family went on a picnic in the park. They sat under a big tree. Emma enjoyed the cool breeze and the sound of birds chirping. Her mom packed delicious sandwiches and fresh juices. It was a fun day spent with family and nature.

  1. Where did Emma’s family go for a picnic?
  2. What did Emma enjoy at the park?
  3. What did Emma’s mom pack for the picnic?
  4. What was the weather like at the picnic?
  5. How did Emma feel about the picnic?

7. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Sunnyy was afraid of the dark. His mom would turn on a night light every night to help him sleep. One night, Sunny noticed the shadows on his wall. He discovered that his favourite teddy bear made the shadows. From that day on, Sunny was no longer scared of the dark.

  1. What did Sunny’s mom do to help him sleep?
  2. What did Sunny notice one night?
  3. What made the shadows on his wall?
  4. Who is Sunny’s favourite teddy bear?
  5. How did Sunny feel about the dark after discovering the shadows?

8. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Sarah is an artist. She loves to paint beautiful pictures. Today, she is painting the beach scenery with a golden sandcastle. Sarah also adds seashells and colourful beach umbrellas. She imagines herself playing in the water with her friends.

  1. What does Sarah like to do?
  2. What is Sarah painting today?
  3. What does Sarah add to her beach scenery?
  4. Where does Sarah imagine herself playing?
  5. Who does Sarah play with in her imagination?

9. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Ricky loves to eat fruits! His favourite is the orange. It is round and has a bright colour. Ricky’s mom peels the orange for him. Ricky enjoys the juicy segments and feels refreshed after eating them. He always asks for more!

  1. What is Ricky’s favourite fruit?
  2. How does the orange look?
  3. Who peels the orange for Ricky?
  4. How does Ricky feel after eating the orange?
  5. What does Ricky always ask for?

10. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

On a sunny day, Timir went to the park to play. He saw a beautiful butterfly flying around. It had vibrant colours on its wings. Timir followed it until he reached a flower garden. The butterfly rested on a red rose. Timir smiled and decided to leave it alone. He played on the swings instead.

  1. Where did Timir go to play?
  2. What did Timir see flying around in the park?
  3. Describe the colours on the butterfly’s wings.
  4. Where did the butterfly rest?
  5. Why did Timir decide to leave the butterfly alone?

11. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Rahul loves to play cricket with his friends. They meet every evening in the park and practice batting and bowling. Rahul’s favourite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar, known as the “Master Blaster.” He dreams of becoming a great cricketer like Sachin one day.

  1. What sport does Rahul love to play?
  2. Where do Rahul and his friends meet?
  3. What do they practice in the park?
  4. Who is Rahul’s favourite cricketer?
  5. What is Sachin Tendulkar’s nickname?

12. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Aarav and Aisha are siblings who live in a small village in India. They enjoy walking in the nearby fields, where they pick colourful flowers. One day, while exploring, they found a remote riverbank where they could swim and have fun. They keep their secret spot a secret to stay peaceful and clean.

  1. Who are Aarav and Aisha?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What do they pick in the fields?
  4. What did they find while exploring?
  5. Why do they keep the riverbank a secret?

13. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

In the bustling streets of Mumbai lives little Riya. She loves to dance and has been practising ballet since she was a little girl. Riya dreams of performing on a big stage and making her parents proud. Her favourite part about dancing is the feeling of freedom it gives her. She glides across the room, feeling as light as a feather.

  1. Where does Riya live?
  2. What does Riya love to do?
  3. How long has she been practising ballet?
  4. What is her dream?
  5. What does Riya enjoy the most about dancing?

14. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Deepak and Neha are best friends who love to read books. They often visit their local library together to explore new stories. Deepak enjoys adventure books, while Neha prefers fairy tales. Every Saturday, they have a reading competition to see who can finish a book first. Their love for books always keeps them connected.

  1. Who are Deepak and Neha?
  2. Where do they go to explore new stories?
  3. What kind of books does Deepak enjoy?
  4. What kind of books does Neha prefer?
  5. What do they do every Saturday?

15. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

In a small village, there is a little boy named Arjun. He has a beautiful garden filled with colourful flowers. Arjun takes care of his plants daily, watering them and removing weeds. His hard work pays off when the garden blooms with beautiful colours. It’s his favourite place to spend time and enjoy nature’s wonders.

  1. Who is Arjun?
  2. What does Arjun have in his garden?
  3. What does Arjun do daily to care for his garden?
  4. What happens when Arjun’s plants bloom?
  5. Where does Arjun like to spend time?
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16. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

Little Priya loves playing with her pet dog Rocky. They run around in the park, chasing each other and playing catch. Rocky is the fastest dog in their neighbourhood, and everyone admires his agility. Priya takes good care of him, feeding him healthy food and taking him for walks. They are the best companions.

  1. Who is Priya’s best friend?
  2. Where do they play together?
  3. Who is the fastest dog in their neighbourhood?
  4. How does Priya take care of Rocky?
  5. What is the bond between Priya and Rocky?

17. Short Unseen Passage For Class 2 In English:

In a coastal village, there is a young fisherman named Raju. He wakes up early every morning and sets sail in his little boat to catch fish for his family. Raju loves the ocean and the cool breeze that touches his face. He believes in respecting nature and always throws back the small fish to let them grow.

  1. Where does Raju live?
  2. What does Raju do for a living?
  3. How does Raju feel while sailing on his boat?
  4. What does Raju do to respect nature when he catches fish?
  5. Why does Raju throw back the small fish?

18. Unseen Passage For 2nd Class:

Aryan and Diya are cousins who live in a village near the mountains. They love going on hikes in the breathtaking valleys. They discover hidden caves, colourful butterflies, and unique rocks on their adventures. They always make sure to carry their camera to capture the beauty of nature.

  1. Who are Aryan and Diya?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What do they love doing in the mountains?
  4. What do they discover on their hikes?
  5. What do they carry to capture the beauty of nature?

19. Unseen Passage For Class 2:

In a quiet village, there is a little girl named Pari. She loves playing the flute in her free time. Pari’s melody attracts birds, and they sing along with her, creating a harmonious symphony. Pari dreams of becoming a famous flautist and playing for large audiences one day. She practices every day, hoping her dreams will come true.

  1. Who is Pari?
  2. What instrument does Pari play?
  3. What does Pari’s melody attract?
  4. What is Pari’s dream?
  5. How often does Pari practice?

20. Unseen Passage For Class 2 With Questions:

In a colourful village, there is a young artist named Avani. She loves to paint vibrant landscapes on canvas. Avani’s paintings have won many awards and are displayed in galleries. She finds inspiration in nature and believes that colours can express emotions. Avani dreams of becoming a renowned painter and capturing the world’s beauty through her art.

  1. Who is Avani?
  2. What does Avani love to paint?
  3. Where can Avani’s artwork be seen?
  4. What inspires Avani’s paintings?
  5. What does Avani dream of becoming?

21. Unseen Passage For Class 2 With Questions:

Mohan loves to play cricket. He practices every day after school. His favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar. Mohan dreams of becoming a great cricketer like Sachin someday. He always listens to his coach carefully and works hard. Mohan’s friends often join him in playing cricket. They have a lot of fun together. Mohan believes that with determination and practice, he can achieve his dream.

  1. What sport does Mohan love to play?
  2. Who is his favourite cricket player?
  3. What does Mohan dream of becoming?
  4. What does Mohan do every day after school?
  5. Who joins Mohan in playing cricket?

22. Unseen Passage For Class 2 With Questions:

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Riya. Riya loved to read books. She would spend hours in the library, exploring different stories. Riya’s favourite book was “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. She loved the adventures of Mowgli, the young boy raised by wolves. Riya often imagined herself in the jungle, having exciting adventures like Mowgli.

  1. What is the girl’s name in the passage?
  2. What did Riya love to do?
  3. Who is the author of Riya’s favourite book?
  4. What is the title of Riya’s favourite book?
  5. What did Riya imagine herself doing in the jungle?

23. Unseen Passage For 2nd Class:

In a small village called Varanasi, there was a young boy named Raju. He had a lot of friends in the village. They would often play near the river Ganges. Raju was a good swimmer and would swim in the river fearlessly. He loved to watch the sunset while sitting by the riverbank. Raju believed that the river brought peace and happiness to the village.

  1. What is the name of the village in the passage?
  2. What did Raju and his friends do near the river?
  3. What was one of Raju’s favourite activities?
  4. What did Raju believe the river brought to the village?
  5. Who is a good swimmer in the passage?

24. Unseen Passage For 2nd Class:

Riya likes to dance. She practices every day. Today, Riya is excited about her dance performance at school. She wears a beautiful blue dress and dances gracefully on stage. The audience claps and cheers for her.

  1. What does Riya like to do?
  2. How often does she practice?
  3. Where is her dance performance?
  4. What dress does she wear?
  5. How does the audience react?

25. Unseen Passage In English For Class 2:

Kabir loves to play cricket. He is the captain of his team. Today, Kabir hits a powerful six, and his team celebrates. His friends pat Kabir on the back and shout in joy. They are proud of their captain.

  1. What does Kabir love to play?
  2. What is Kabir’s position in the team?
  3. What does Kabir hit?
  4. How does Kabir’s team celebrate?
  5. How do Kabir’s friends feel about him?

26. Unseen Passage In English For Class 2:

Sneha wants to become a doctor. She studies hard and helps others. Today, Sneha visits the hospital. She watches the doctors and nurses working passionately. Sneha feels inspired to fulfil her dream.

  1. What does Sneha want to become?
  2. How does Sneha study?
  3. Where does Sneha visit?
  4. Who does Sneha watch at the hospital?
  5. How does Sneha feel after visiting the hospital?
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How To Improve Unseen Passage Skills For Your Kids:

To improve unseen passage skills for class 2 students, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Start with familiar topics: Begin with passages related to topics the students are familiar with, such as animals, family, or friends. This helps them engage and understand better.
  2. Read aloud: Encourage students to read the passage aloud. This helps develop reading and comprehension skills, improving their pronunciation and understanding of the text.
  3. Practice with short passages: Start with shorter passages and gradually increase the length. This allows students to build their concentration and attention span while improving their reading speed.
  4. Ask questions: After reading the passage, ask students questions about the content. This helps develop their comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  5. Vocabulary building: Introduce new words from the passage and encourage students to use them in sentences. This will expand their vocabulary and help them understand difficult passages.
  6. Practice regularly: Give students regular practice with unseen passages to familiarize them with different writing styles and increase their reading fluency.

Remember, keep it fun and engaging to maintain their interest and enthusiasm!


Introducing unseen passages in the English curriculum for Class 2 is crucial in enhancing reading comprehension skills in young learners. These passages promote critical thinking, expand vocabulary, and improve language development by exposing them to a wide range of literature and challenging their understanding.

Such activities encourage lifelong learning and equip students with essential tools to navigate the world of written text. By providing interesting and diverse content for younger students, we can cultivate a love for reading and empower them to become proficient and confident readers in the future.

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