How to become an Ethical Hacker

If you are interested in how to become an Ethical Hacker, then you are at the right place. Nowadays Ethical hacking is becoming an increasingly important field of study. As new technologies emerge, it becomes more and more important for people to have a basic understanding of how these technologies work. This is where ethical hacking comes in.

Did you know how long does it take to become an ethical hacker? It usually takes 18 months to 6 years to become an ethical hacker in India.

Ethical hackers are security professionals who use the same tactics to find vulnerabilities in an organization’s data and systems. They then report these vulnerabilities to the organization so that they can be fixed. Ethical hackers are tasked with protecting computer networks from hackers, malware, and cybercrimes. They use their technical skills to help organizations and businesses improve their security systems and reduce the risk of attack. This article will give you the steps you need to take to start your career as an ethical hacker after your 10th or 12th.

What is the role of an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hackers are individuals who use their skills to find and fix security vulnerabilities in IT systems, usually for a company or organization. Ethical hackers are often called penetration testers or red-timers. They have in-depth knowledge of computer technology and software and extensive experience in their field. Their skill sets often include computer programming, networking, cryptography, data analysis, and forensics. Ethical hackers look for many companies and organizations because they can provide valuable information about the vulnerabilities of the IT system.

Why should you become an ethical hacker?

Many people are tempted to become unethical hackers because there is a lot of money to be made. However, it is important to remember that the ethical hacker is doing this for the greater good. They are doing it to protect consumers and companies from cyber attacks. They are also doing it to help companies and individuals find solutions to problems that they may be facing.

How to become an Ethical Hacker
How to become an Ethical Hacker

Although it is important to be an ethical hacker, it is also important to remember that it is a risky job. Many ethical hackers have had their identities stolen and their personal information used against them. It is also important to remember that some companies do not want to be hacked. If you are going to become an ethical hacker, you should make sure that you do it for the right reasons and that you are doing it ethically.

Skills Required to Become an Ethical Hacker:

These 15 skills will help you a lot to become an ethical hacker-

  • Basic understanding of computers and computer networks
  • Knowledge of operating systems
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Good understanding of networking principles
  • Knowledge of networking protocols
  • Knowledge of network security
  • Knowledge of computer security
  • Knowledge of network intrusion detection
  • Knowledge of network intrusion prevention
  • Knowledge of web application security
  • Knowledge of the basics of cryptography
  • Knowledge of wireless networks
  • Knowledge of computer forensics
  • Knowledge of computer hacking
  • Knowledge of security assessment and penetration testing

Ethical Hacker Eligibility & Qualification:

There is no specific requirement to become an Ethical Hacker. The minimum requirement is you have to complete your class 10th exam before you apply for this type of course. It is my opinion to do this course after you complete your 12th. To become an Ethical Hacker the most important thing is the knowledge of computers.

How to become an Ethical Hacker:

Becoming an ethical hacker is a great way to make a living, but it is challenging. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience. There are a few ways how to become an ethical hacker. One way is to take a course. This is an online course that teaches you how to hack. Another way is to take a hands-on course in a school or college. The third way is to take a certification course. The certification course is the most difficult way to become an ethical hacker. It is a course that lasts up to a year, and it is a very rigorous course.

How to become an Ethical Hacker after 10th:

It is not easy to become an ethical hacker after the 10th in India. You need to have a very good knowledge of the computer and its operating system and you need to be able to find vulnerabilities on a computer, which is not a very easy task. You also need to have a good understanding of how networks work and how they are connected. Once you have the knowledge and skills, then you can start preparing for your certification exams. The first step is by taking some basic courses on ethical hacking and penetration testing.

How to become an Ethical Hacker after 12th:

If you are looking to become an ethical hacker, you may have heard that it is a difficult process. However, there are many ways how to become an ethical hacker after the 12th in India. One way is to take an online course such as a Certified Ethical Hacker Course and get certified by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. Another way is to start your own business and hire other ethical hackers. The best way to become an ethical hacker is to start with some basic knowledge, learn from others, and practice what you learn.

Typical Ethical Hacking Assignments:

An ethical hacker is a hacker who performs ethical hacking and penetration testing of computer and network security. They are also called a white hat hacker, a gray hat hacker, or pentester. Ethical hackers are a valuable asset to any organization and are typically hired by companies to test the security of their networks. Ethical hackers are typically those who look for weaknesses in a company’s computer or network security and will not cause any damage to the company’s data, systems, or other assets. An ethical hacker typically performs their tasks by-

  • Gaining access to a computer system without the knowledge or permission of the owner
  • Manipulating or changing the data on the system to see how it affects the company’s systems and data
  • Using a computer system in a way that the owner does not expect using social engineering tactics to convince an employee to divulge information.

The ethical hacker typically performs these tasks without causing any damage or compromising the integrity of the company’s systems or data.

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Top colleges for Ethical Hacking course:

  1. Extreme Hacking Institute (Maharastra Pune)
  2. Indian Cyber Security Solutions (Kolkata, West Bengal)
  3. infySEC – Cyber Security Services and Ethical Hacking Training Experts (Chennai)
  4. Indian School of Ethical Hacking (Kolkata, West Bengal)
  5. Inspire Cyber Security (Gujrat)

Ethical Hacker Salary:

You must have some queries about how much does an Ethical Hacker make? Ethical Hacker salary in India is in the range of 1.75LPA to 2MPA.

According to Payscale, the average starting salary of an ethical hacker per month in India is INR 41,151. The average mid-level salary of an ethical hacker per month in India is INR 62,500. And the average ethical hacking salary experienced per month in India is R 2,29,000.

The salary of Ethical Hackers is different including your work experience, company prominence, skills, location, company’s pay structure, etc.  

Job RoleAvg. Salary
Software Engineer ₹250k – ₹2m
Senior Software Engineer ₹500k – ₹2m
Software Developer ₹230k – ₹1m
Information Technology (IT) Manager₹400k – ₹3m
Security Analyst₹250k – ₹900k
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer₹450k – ₹2m
Network Engineer ₹175k – ₹900k
Data Scientist ₹350k – ₹2m
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer ₹250k – ₹1m

What makes a hacker Malicious?

Many people are not malicious hackers, but they can be malicious in other ways. A malicious hacker is a hacker who uses their skills and knowledge to steal data, damage the system or cause other problems. They have malicious motives and these motives are often unethical. For example, a hacker can delete a file by entering a computer system, but they are not malicious because they have no bad intentions and did no harm to the system.

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Becoming an ethical hacker is a difficult and time-consuming process. It can be done, but it is not easy. One must be able to have a deep understanding of the cyber world and be willing to put in the time and effort. This is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of dedication and training. If you are ready to take on the challenge, then you are ready to become an ethical hacker.

FAQs on How to become an Ethical Hacker:

Q.  What qualifications do I need to be an ethical hacker?
A->  No specific qualification is needed to become an Ethical Hacker. It is better to opt for this type of courses is after the 12th.
Q.  What is the ethical hacker salary in india?
A->  Ethical Hacker salary in India is in the range of 1.75LPA to 2MPA. Not only India you can earn easily from any corner of the planet.
Q.  What to study to become an Ethical Hacker?
A->  You need to study computers and computer networks, operating systems, programming languages, networking principles, networking protocols, network security, computer security, network intrusion detection, network intrusion prevention, etc. to become an Ethical Hacker.
Q.  How long does it take to become an ethical hacker?
A->  It usually takes 18 months to 6 years to become an ethical hacker in India.
Q.  How to become an ethical hacker without a degree?
A->  You don't need a degree to be an ethical hacker. However, you will need extensive experience with computer systems and have a cyber security certification program.

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