Emma Myers is an accomplished British-American actor and singer with impressive credits in television and film. She is best known for her roles in Love, Rosie, A Little Chaos, The Royals, The Alienist, and Holby City. At 20 years old, Myers has been hailed as one of the most promising young stars in the entertainment industry. Her parents are actor Richard Myers and actress Sarah Alexander.

Emma Myers Overview:

Full NameEmma Myers
DOBApril 2, 2002
Height1.6 m
Net Worth$600K-$800K

List of Emma Myers movies and tv shows:

Below are the names of the movies & tv shows that Emma Myers acts in. Hope you like it.

Before “Wednesday”, Emma Myers had minor roles in shows. Emma first started acting as a child actress in 2010 when she appeared in The Glades. Based on her performance on Wednesday, it seems like Emma has a long career ahead of her.

1. Letters of God (2010):

Letters of God is the first movie ever played by Emma Myers in 2010. This is a faith-based drama about a woman. Emma Myers is a single mother of two children and a struggling church organist. One day, she begins receiving letters from God that change her life unexpectedly. The letters challenge her to become a better person and trust God’s plan. With guidance from her pastor and newfound friends, Emma is inspired to change the lives of those around her.

Letters of God is an uplifting story about one woman’s journey of faith and how she inspires those around her. Through her courage and strength, Emma discovers a newfound appreciation for the life God has blessed her with and is determined to make the most of it.

2. The Glades (2010):

Emma Myers stars in the leading role in The Glades (2010), a mystery film about a young woman named Emma who moves to a small rural town in Florida, to start a new life. After discovering that a dark secret plague the city, she teams up with a local sheriff to investigate the mysterious deaths in the town. With her determined attitude and willingness to take risks, she is determined to uncover the truth and bring justice to the city. Along the way, she meets a range of colorful characters and finds herself immersed in a world of secrets and danger.

3. Crooked (2010):

Emma Myers plays the role of Dr. Sarah Jackson in the 2010 film Crooked. She is a psychologist who is asked to evaluate the mental state of a criminal suspect. In the film, she finds herself in a moral dilemma as she has to decide if the suspect is truly guilty or not. She is forced to make a tough decision when her professional and personal beliefs clash. Ultimately, she discovers that the suspect may be innocent and helps to uncover the truth.

4. The Baker and the Beauty (2020):

Emma Myers stars as Vanessa, the ambitious and driven publicist of Daniel Garcia, the son of a Cuban immigrant family. Daniel works in his father’s bakery but his life changes when he meets Noa, an international superstar. Vanessa is tasked with managing Daniel and Noa’s relationship as they navigate the paparazzi and the pressures of fame.

She encourages Daniel to seize the opportunity to live life to its fullest while managing the publicity surrounding their relationship. She helps Daniel to understand the power of celebrity, while also teaching him to be confident in his abilities and to pursue his dreams. Vanessa is a voice of reason and wisdom in the film and helps Daniel make the best decisions for his future.

5. Deathless (2020):

Emma Myers plays the role of a young girl called Rachel in the 2020 horror film Deathless. Rachel is the daughter of a family that moves into an old haunted house. Rachel’s family soon discovers that the house is harboring a dark presence that has been wreaking havoc on the family’s lives. Rachel finds herself in the middle of a spiritual battle between good and evil, with her family’s lives in balance. With the help of her friends, Rachel must now face her fears and confront the darkness to save her family and the house.

6. Dead of Night (2019):

Emma Myers plays the role of a young woman named Rachel who is visiting her family home for the first time in years. Rachel is haunted by dreams of a dark figure standing in her family’s yard. When she returns home, she discovers that strange and sinister events have been occurring in her family’s home. As Rachel and her family investigate the dark occurrences, they must confront a powerful and ancient force that threatens to consume them all. Emma’s character must use her courage and faith to fight against the darkness and save them all.

7. Love, Innocence (2019):

Emma Myers plays the role of an innocent young woman in the 2019 romantic drama Love, Innocence. Set against a backdrop of a peculiar Americana, the movie follows the story of Emma’s character, who finds herself in a complex and often dangerous relationship with a dangerous man. Despite her innocence and naivety, she does her best to maintain her sense of self, even as the relationship becomes increasingly volatile. Her story serves as a reminder of the power of love, and how it can be both a source of strength and a source of pain.

8. A Taste of Christmas (2020):

Emma Myers plays the role of Kate, a hardworking single mother who is struggling to make ends meet to provide for her daughter. She works long hours at her job, leaving her with little time to enjoy the holidays. After she meets the owner of a local Christmas tree lot, she finds herself swept up in the spirit of Christmas and discovers the true meaning of the season. With his help, she learns to embrace the joy of the holidays and finds the courage to follow her dreams.

9. Girl in the Basement (2021):

Emma Myers stars as Sarah, a 15-year-old girl held captive in her own home by her father, a controlling and abusive man. She is forced to stay in a hidden basement, living in constant fear of his rage. Throughout the movie, Sarah struggles to retain her identity and sanity as she is subjected to her father’s increasingly violent punishments. She finds solace and hopes in her creativity and the support of her family and friends. Through her courage and resilience, Sarah ultimately reclaims her freedom and can move forward with her life.

10. Wednesday (2022):

“Wednesday” is one of the best Emma Myers movies and tv shows of all time. Emma Myers plays the role of a rebellious teenage girl named Wednesday, who struggles with her identity in a world where conformity is key. Wednesday has grown up with an absent father and a strict mother, leading her to rebel against her parent’s expectations.

She ultimately goes on a journey of self-discovery and learns to embrace her uniqueness. Along the way, Wednesday meets a variety of interesting characters and embarks on a thrilling adventure, ultimately learning valuable lessons about life and discovering her true identity.

11. Southern Gospel:

Emma Myers is the main character in the Southern Gospel movie. She is a young, single woman living in rural Tennessee and living a simple life. She is a strong Christian woman and is devoted to her faith and her community. Emma works as a school teacher and is beloved by her students. When tragedy strikes her small town, Emma must find the courage and strength to help her community heal. With the help of her pastor, family, and friends, Emma discovers that faith and hope can carry her through difficult times and bring healing to her community.

Emma Myers Age:

Her DOB is April 2, 2002. So, Emma Myers is 20 Years old now.

Emma Myers net worth:

Myers started her acting career professionally. As per some sources, Emma Myers’s Net Worth can be estimated at approximately $600K to $800K.

FAQ on Emma Myers:

Q.  What movies is Emma Myers in?
A->  "Wednesday" is one of the best Emma Myers movies. Besides that we have 10 more movies of Emma Myers. To know more see the above content.
Q.  Where Emma Myers from?
A->  Emma Myers is from Orlando, Florida, United States.
Q.  How old is Emma Meyers?
A->  The DOB of Emma is April 2, 2002. So, She is 20 Years old now.
Q.  What is Emma Myers Net worth?
A->  Probably the Net Worth of Emma Myers is around $600K-$800K.

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