7 Best free anger management books to read in 2022-23 [with PDF]

free anger management books

Anger may be a normal emotion. But managing anger is essential to maintaining a healthy, loving relationship. Otherwise, it can cause many problems in your work, personal life, relationship, and even your health and mental health.

If you find yourself struggling to keep your anger under control, if you are searching for some best free anger management books, then consider reading any of the books on this list, these books are mainly self-helping anger management books, you will get your anger under control.

Best anger management books for free:

Here we discussed the top 7 free anger management Books from our point of view for controlling anger:

1. Dummies: by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith, and W. Doyle Gentry-

free anger management books

Charles H. Elliott, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and a founding fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. And  Laura L. Smith, Ph.D., President-Elect of the New Mexico Psychological Association Together, co-authored Borderline Personality Disorder for Dummies and Others.

This book tells us how we can control our anger and also from this book we will know how we can get rid of stress. We think these free anger management books can help you throw out your anger within a few minutes.

Everyone knows that anger is not a very good thing, because of anger our body starts releasing chemicals called ulcers, as a result of which blood pressure starts to increase. Also, as a result of anger, the people around us are harmed, and we later regret the mistakes we made in anger.

Maybe out of anger we say the wrong things to too many, very close people, or we raise our hands in anger at someone, or we harm someone, or we continue to behave like crazy. But after a time we realize our mistake and start regretting it because there is nothing to do at that time.

No one wants to be around people who are too hot-tempered, some people take their anger out on others, maybe they get angry with one person, or take out their anger on a third person close to them, as a result, everyone tends to move away from them.

So after first knowing how much harm can be caused by anger, we will know how anger can be used for good.

If someone keeps teasing us or trying to make us angry about something that we don’t like at all, then we should show our anger towards them, if we don’t show our anger towards those people who are constantly making us restless then they think it is our weakness. will irritate us more, so we must show our anger to those people.

As Nelson Mandela used his anger to eliminate apartheid in his country, from a young age he was troubled by the differences between black and white people, he used his anger to try to bring about change in society.

Then we can learn about the symptoms of our anger, what will tell us that this tsunami is going to hit us soon, and how we should be prepared to fight against it, how we should convince our minds that this anger is very short-lived. , we just need to spend some time to calm down, and after some time everything will be expected.

How to spend that time is explained in the book with practical examples throughout the day.

What comes next is overthinking, which is one of the causes of anger, how overthinking works to fuel the fire of our anger and increase our anger, and as a result, the situation worsens.

 How to control that anger is clearly explained in the book with examples of daily routines.

2. The Cow in the Parking Lot- A Zen Approach to Overcoming Anger:  by Susan Edmiston and Leonard Scheff-

free anger management books

At first, hearing the name of your book, you may think that what on earth does anger management have to do with a cow in a parking lot? But believe me, there is no other book like this book to forget your anger in a moment.

Imagine you’re driving around a busy grocery store parking lot trying to find a place to park your car. Finally, you find a spot, and you signal your vehicle to park, just in time to see another driver jump in and park his jeep in your place. A feeling of frustration and even tremendous anger, right?

Well, now imagine that you go a little further through the signal, and just then a cow comes and settles down right in the parking lot and when you honk at her, she stares at you and looks like she’s right back at you. Looking at the face is frowning. Now your reaction is more likely to be funny rather than angry.

This book is a great choice if you are a peace-loving person and if you want to take a more spiritual approach to anger management and mental health in general. It takes knowledge from traditional Buddhist practice and shows us how we can use the power of thinking for ourselves to make the world more beautiful to us.

From many of the free anger management books, this book teaches us how we can control ourselves in our moments of anger and spend that moments of anger by using our thinking power, and how we can change the moment itself by imagining the cause of anger as a reason for laughter.

3. Angry All the Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control: by Ronald T. Potter-

best anger management books

If you feel that your hot head and explosive temper are ruining your daily, personal life, then this book is ideal for you. You will learn from this book how anger is damaging you, how it creates a wall between you and your loved ones, or  with your family, or with your friends, or with your colleagues,

After this book, there is a powerful but a little difficult way to live a simple anger free life. If you are in a very tough situation, you should read this book.

The method mentioned in the book will help you very much to get back to your normal life and that too very quickly, this book teaches us how to Identify the causes of your anger, how to Avoid violence, blaming, and threats, how to Stay calm one day at a time, Change anger-provoking thoughts, Ask for what you want without anger.

This book helps you understand why you get angry, , It teaches techniques to help you control yourself.
 It gives examples of good communication. What to say, and most importantly, what not to say when angry And teaches us techniques to calm ourselves down and to change our self-talk.

There is also a section especially written for people who live with an angry person, This book also explains how to find out what created the anger in the first place. The importance to let the past go and how to do it. So, this is one of the best free anger management books you can read.

4. Rage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Explosive Anger: by Ronald T. Potter-

best anger management books

Is your angry outburst like genuine rage? Or is your loved one repeatedly exhibiting unexpected extreme rage? For the person experiencing that emotion and for the other people around them at the bad time, flying into intense rages regularly is extremely harmful to them.

From many free anger management books, this excellent book by Potter-Ephron offers many ways to overcome extreme rage, presented in an easy-to-absorb way.

The first thing this book tells you is that you are not alone. Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) is a recognized disorder characterized by repeated episodes of unpredictable-extreme anger, and researchers estimate that approximately 7% of Americans experience the condition in their lifetime. That’s a lot of people, even if you factor in the millions of other people who suffer from less frequent but equally intense anger, you’ll find that they too at some point in their lives alienate a large proportion of people because of their anger.

The second thing this book tells you is that by following Ronald Potter-Efron’s step-by-step guide, you can not only control but eliminate your extreme anger outbursts. He divided ragas into four distinct subcategories. First, there is

  • ‘survival rage’, which is when we feel anger due to a perceived threat or danger,
  • ‘impotence rage’ which stems from feeling powerless,
  • ‘abandonment rage’, which stems from fear of losing someone close to you,
  • and finally, ‘Shame rage’, which starts when a person feels dishonored for some reason.

Potter-Efron breaks down what happens in the brain during these different types of anger and then shares helpful tools and methods to stop these episodes. He offers a no-nonsense approach that has so far helped thousands of individuals escape the limitations of an angry mind and lead a happier life.

5.  Anger: Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way: By Gary Chapman-

free anger management books

“Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment to accept the person despite what they have done. It is a decision to show mercy.”

The author of ‘Anger: Managing a Strong Emotion in Healthy Ways’ discusses in detail what anger is, in the book, how it gets our heads hot, why anger is not a bad thing in those particular cases, And how to manage different types of anger in different contexts. In our opinion, this is one of the best free anger management books you can read for a better life.

The book talks about the type of anger and its remedy with examples of different times, for example, when a couple has an arranged marriage, in that case, the type of anger that arises in the new couple, is there a remedy for it?

From this book, we learn how to Admit our faults when we are angry, when we are out of our mind by anger, how to control immediate reactions, How to identify the reason for rage, How to choose the right options & take action according to that situation.

From this book we learn how to deal with Anger contracted in arrange marriage; Help our child for managing their anger, What to do When we are angry with God, What to do when we are angry with our self, And also we learn what to do when we are facing an angry person.

6. Anger Management Best Practice Handbook: Controlling Anger Before it Controls You, Anger Management: by Jessalyn Woodruff-

This book covers all the Methods of Anger Management for a balanced approach to managing anger, which both controls the emotion and allows the emotion to express itself in a healthy way. Some descriptions of actions of anger management you’ll learn to manage and control anger through activities within this free anger management book.

This book teaches us to be Focused, Honorable, Persistent, Courageous, Passionate, Creative, and Forgiving and guides us to contemporary anger management theory and practice, including case studies, presentation illustrations, supporting documents, anger management for youth, and a practical framework for anger management.

From the book, we will know what anger is, and how we can control our anger very easily, then we will know how we can help ourselves to control anger because our overthinking increases our anger towards others. In the end, we will know some golden techniques of anger management which help us to change our mood in a moment.

7.  Why Does He Do That?  Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men: by Lundy Bancroft 2022-

In this book, the author told what is abuse, when it happens, how to realize that we are getting abused by someone & how to deal with it. So, in our list, this is the last free anger management book you can go through.

One of our biggest mistakes is that we think we are good at reading people. Of course, some people are born with this skill & some acquire it throughout that person’s life. But, unfortunately, entrusting ourselves with this power often allows toxic people into our lives.

Why does he do that? It’s a book mainly for women seeking to engage in meaningful relationships & let go of toxic attachments, In addition, the book offers valuable insights about recognizing abusive behavior & staying away from it.

Some lessons from this book:

  1. Abusers learn their toxic behavior at a young age
  2. We also can identify that abusive behavior early by looking for certain patterns.
  3. We can’t change a man unless he wants to change himself.
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Pros of reading free anger management books:

The pros of reading free anger management books can never be overstated.

  1. Firstly These books allow us to put aside our anger and see the world in a different way.
  2. Anger management books help us find out the reason for anger and give many strategies to get rid of anger.
  3. It teaches us how we can avoid anger moments. Also, teach us how to deal with a person who is raging.
  4. It teaches us how to rid ourselves of thinking which is the ultimate reason for anger.

The benefit of free anger management books?

If we read any paid or free anger management books very carefully, we will know how our anger is killing our daily life, how it is breaking the relationship daily, then the book knows some techniques, which can be applied in daily life. Sure we can control our anger very easily, we can rebuild our broken relationships, we know how to find out the reason for anger and control it, how to overcome that extreme moment of anger, how overcome that extreme. In a moment of anger, you can divert your mind. Therefore free Anger management books are very useful for angry people.

FAQ’s on free anger management books:

Q. What is the best book to control anger?

  • The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life, by Les Carter
  • Never Get Angry Again: The Foolproof Way to Stay Calm and in Control in Any Conversation or Situation, by David Lieberman
  • Angry All the Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control, by Ronald T.

Q. Does anger management work?

If we have to answer it in one word, then it must be said that it works, but the point is, Anger management is entirely up to us, if we only read the books then we will only have to study, as we read, those things will help us in daily life. Apply in life and do. I am sure that will work.

Q. What are some strategies for managing anger?

We can adopt many types of strategies for anger control, first of all, we should hope to leave the place if the cause of anger occurs, if it is not possible we have to convert the anger, the immediate reaction of anger must be suppressed anyway.