Trustworthy List of Courses after 10th standard

You are here means you are searching for some information about list of Courses after 10th standard. This is the most vital time, everyone should know about the options they can follow. Don’t worry Here is the full details about after 10th course list. There are many you can choose from.

List of Courses after 10th standard

If you are confused about what to do after clearing 10th standard , then this post is for you. There are many Diploma courses, ITI courses, Certification courses are available nowadays. There are many colleges and institutes all over the country, you can choose what’s best for you.

The 1st option you got is continuing your education with General study. In General you can take admission in these 3 fields – 

  • Science Stream
  • Arts Stream
  • Commerce Stream

If you are not Interested in General studies you can go with the courses i have mentioned below.

Diploma is a most popular 3-year course that focuses on training a person in a particular field. You can choose Job option after this course. You can apply both of government Jobs & Private Jobs if you successfully pass out from Diploma Engineering. There are many fields available you can choose from as your interest. So take time and choose wisely.

list of courses after 10th standard
list of courses after 10th standard
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering :

Mechanical Engineering is called the Mother trade of Engineering. This Diploma Mechanical Engineering course can be opted by after 10th students. Basically it’s a 3-year training course about design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. If you love mechanical things you can start your career in this field.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering :

Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a 3-year course concerned with the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. There are endless opportunity from this famous trade. 

Diploma in Civil Engineering :

Civil Engineering is called the Father trade of Engineering. Civil Engineering Diploma course is also a 3-year course about construction, design, maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. It includes public works such as bridges,roads, airports, canals, dams, pipelines, sewerage systems, structural components of buildings, and railways.

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering :

In short term we use EC Engineering instead of Electronics and Communication engineering. This is a 3-year course about all the modern communication devices as cellular telephones, radios and television and how they works. Electronic communications engineers does research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems

Diploma in Computer Science :

We also use CSE term for this trade. Diploma in Computer Science is a 3-year course which includes programming, algorithm, algorithms design, computer graphics, software engineering, computer architecture, data structures, parallel computing, digital logic and processor design, database systems, virtualization, computer simulations and games programming and various kind of things. If you love Computer then you can choose this awesome trade.

Diploma in Textile Engineering :

Diploma in Textile Engineering is a 3-year course about development and manufacturing the textile fabrics and all type of yarns. This course also includes the study of principles of science that deals with the analysis of polymers involves in the formation of textile fiber.

Vocational courses are usually aimed at focusing students with practical skills for a specific professional field. The duration of Vocational/ITI courses vary on different trades and colleges.

Diploma in Fashion Engineering :

Duration : 1 year

Diploma in Fashion Engineering is a course about Fashion Designing. Where the main objective of this course is to make students find creativity and innovation in Fashion Design and gain knowledge of the technical aspects involved in the process.

Diploma in Computer Application :

Duration : 6 Month – 2 years

In short we use DCA course. Where students learns about practical and scientific knowledge of the Computer along with major soft skills and operating various kind of useful softwares. After completing this high demanding course you can start work with any IT sector and other IT related field jobs.

Diploma in Banking :

Duration : 1 year

From this 1 year course you can learn about Banking and Financial Market. Students will learn about Banking, Investment, Insurance, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

Diploma in Business Management :

Duration : 1 year

This is the best course that you may pursue right after 10th standard. If you want to learn business then this course is best for you. Here you learn about how to operate any kind of business and you can get a job from famous companies.

Diploma in Hotel Management :

Duration : 2 years

This Diploma course includes everything that is related to the hotel industry like- marketing, hotel administration, catering management, accounts and housekeeping etc. Once you complete this Hotel management course you will be able to do jobs in various hotels.

Diploma in Financial Accounting :

Duration : 1 year

It is a 1-year long Diploma course for those students who like Mathematics. From the term Financial Accounting you can get a idea that you have to work with some calculations. If you are good at mathematics you can choose this awesome course.

list of courses after 10th standard
list of courses after 10th standard

3. Certification Courses after 10th :

There are many Certification courses available nowadays you can archive just after completing 10th standard. This is not a subject specified course. The main focus of this courses is practical knowledge. If you have a very short time then you should go with these Certification Courses given below.

  • Business Accounting and Taxation (Duration: 1 year)
  • Tally (Duration: 3 months)
  • Business Analysis (Duration: 3-5 months)
  • Data Validation (Duration: 1-2 months)
  • Digital Marketing (Duration: 2-3 months)
  • Financial Modelling (Duration: 2 months)
  • Financial Planner (Duration: 6 months)
  • Radio Jockeying & TV News reading (Duration: 3 years)
  • Event Management (Duration: 6 months)
  • Financial Risk Manager (Duration: 1 year)

Conclusion for list of Courses after 10th standard :

Don’t be confused while choosing a course. After 10th is the most vital period for every students. Here you got some ideas about list of Courses after 10th standard, hope you like it. 

Before choosing any of these trades you have to make sure which one is your interest. How much costs your course ? How much time you have or the course is taking ? Is the trade you choose is available in your locality ? You have to focus on this topics before entering in a new field. So you have to choose with proper mindset.

Thanks for reading this post.

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