9+ strong tips-How to score good marks in exams step by step

How to score good marks in exams :

With the name of the examinations, we start feeling tense or we become nervous. It forms a burden on our head to finish our syllabus timely and complete our examinations also. Parents often spend time in browsing the best tricks to assist their students for their examinations. Scoring good marks in the examination is not an easy task especially when you’re not well prepared. Hard-work with good preparation can lead to good results and this requires a well thought out strategy to produce best results. 

With every subject, a student receives its mastery only after a considerable amount of practice. More frequently he becomes in practicing the tricks of earning and jotting down his/her, more proficient he/she becomes in taking the examinations with a clear thought. 

Curation of time and period, a well thought-out preparation, thoughtful answers and good notes can make you get good marks. There are various subjects which need to be studied closely to practice a habit of scoring good marks. 

Tips & Tricks to How to score good marks :

Defeat yourself:

Try to understand your failures. Improvise every time whenever you get time.

Stay Away From Social Media :

Turn off your all Social media accounts for at least 3 months. It will help you to concentrate on your study. It is better to leave the phone off for 3 months before boards exams.

how to score good marks

Stick yourself with the syllabus:

Don’t divert yourself from the syllabus. Stick with it. Before exams you need to know the full syllabus and then only practice that.

Point out your weak areas: 

You need to first identify your weak areas. Work upon it and start working on it to improve until you get the perfection.


You need to complete your answers on time and that’s the key to achieve good marks.   

The Night before Exam :

You don’t need to study the whole night for good marks. It will affect your health. You can feel sleepy during exams.

During Exam Time :

Don’t talk to anyone except your need. First of all read the question carefully and also mark those are easy to you, it will help you to finish your exam earlier.

After finishing all the questions it’s time to revise your answer-sheet. Find out the spelling mistakes, headings, subheadings etc. Don’t submit your answer-sheet earlier, wait till the end and keep checking your answers.

Don’t underestimate your English: 

Never underestimate your English to feel less confident.

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English and Maths are subjects that need special attention. From learning the lessons to practice the answers regularly with pen and paper, English and Maths are both subjects  which can easily give you good marks if prepared well.

So, let’s see how to score good marks in English and Maths.


English consists of three basic sections. One is comprehension passages, second is grammar, third is writing skills and fiction. There are various ways through which a student can score good marks in a language subject.

how to score good marks in english

Letter writing :

One of the crucial sets to clear the English paper is letter writing. Letter writing needs accurate handwriting to understand real-life problems.  

Comprehension passages :

Comprehension passages are also another way to fetch marks in the English paper. To answer questions from the passages is an easy way to get good marks.

Focus on improving writing skills :

Improve, Practice and Understand the Skill. You can easily focus on improving the writing skills. 

Solve Sample Questions :

Practice sample questions as much as you can to improve your writing skills. Sample question papers allow you to understand your speed, time and accuracy of your preparation. It is the best way to test your capabilities. 

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Imagination of lessons to learn :

Fiction stories have a feature to learn questions and understand the lessons minutely. Imagine the lessons and a story to figure out your answers.


Strong preparation :

Maths need a concentrated and sincere effort to pass in the examination. This can be done only after practicing your numbers timely. 

Find solutions :

You need to find your solutions by yourself. Look out for practical questions and understand it and then write the solutions. 

how to score good marks in exam

Understand the syllabus :

One canunderstand the syllabus diligently and point out some questions that can possibly come in the examination.

Areas of improvement :

Areas of improvement generally fall in every category. From algebra to probabilities, every chapter needs an improvement with a practice.  

Keep the examination paper clean : 

Write clearly the examination paper and keep on writing clearly.

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How to score good marks with less study :

Compile your revisions :

Do one thing learn and revise. Compile your revisions and jotted down every time when you learn.

Prioritization :

One needs to prioritize work to excel on time. 

Find a Student and Mentor : 

Group study is important to exchange notes simultaneously in order to prepare strongly. 

Healthy diet :

Maintain a healthy diet by eating right on time. Vegetables, green leaves are the only solutions to escape the lazy and lousy attitude to study.  

 Memory training : 

Your memory should be sharp, clear and concentrated. Without getting diverted in your life which are generally aroused from surroundings.

Conclusion for How To Score Good Marks in Exams :

Therefore, it is pertinent to understand the viability of preparation for board exams. This is the only key to achieve good marks in the exams. If you’ve potential to completely focus on the studies without getting diverted like mobile phones, internet and movies. One has to be well-prepared  with a clear thought to understand the value of learning lessons on time.

Scoring good marks not only requires a willingness to study regularly but it also allows us to concentrate and focus on certain subjects which forms an ability to understand the capability to score good. 

An effective way to spend time regularly can make you fetch good marks in your basket. However, there are many ways which can make a student capable of passing the examination with flying colours. Hope you understand it well. Thanks for reading.

FAQs about How to Score Good Marks in Exams :

How can I get highest marks in exams ?

–> Try not to remain conscious for quite a while, the night before exams. Peruse your textbooks and suggest more than one book for precision.

How can I memorize faster ?

–> Write down everything to learn and apply repetition of that. Then teach it to someone. It will help you to memorize faster.

How can I improve my marks ?

–> Your note taking skills, easy writing skills, and attention in classes helps a quite to improve your exam marks.

What is the best time to study ?

–> Science investigation said that study between 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. to 10 P.M. is very effective.

Is studying at 4 a.m. good ?

–> Science study said that studying between 4 A.M. to 7 A.M. is least effective than other time. So don’t waste your time to wake at night for study well, it will effect badly in your health.

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