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During these hundreds of years, the planet Earth has undergone many changes. These advances are significant because of the catastrophic events that have occurred over time. The most widely recognized situation we have seen is when we talk about catastrophic events, pollution, ozone depletion, and a dangerous atmospheric deviation.

How to prevent natural disasters essay (Short/10 lines):

Here are the best 10 lines short essays on Natural Disasters and their Prevention that can be used for the lower class, like- class 2,3,4,5,6.

  1. ‘Natural disasters’ in other words ‘Natural Calamities’ happen by nature so that there is no interference from the common man.
  2. The International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction is 13th of october.
  3. Human activities are also the causes of Natural Disasters and it cann’t be controlled by the human.
  4. Floods, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Cyclones, etc are the examples of the Natural Disasters.
  5. Natural Disasters cause a bgger loss in human life and properties, natures, animal lifes etc.
  6. There is no cure for natural disasters beyond the reach of science.
  7. If we want to artificially control the normal flow of the river through dams, the global trend will also increase tremendously.
  8. Continental agencies have been set up to provide early warning of earthquakes, tsunamis and catastrophic storms, to protect the people.
  9. We have to protect our enviorment to avoid Natural Disaster as much as we can.
  10. After all, people around the world need to come together to reduce environmental pollution so that they can stay away from natural disasters as much as possible.
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How to prevent natural disasters essay (For class 7-12):

Here you can see the long version of ‘How to prevent Natural Disaster essay’, which students can use from 7th standard to 12th standard. So, read this section very carefully. It will help you in your competitive exams also.

What is Natural Disaster?

Natural disasters are any natural phenomenon that harms human socio-economic conditions. In other words, non-man-made accidents, such as an earthquake or a flood, or a volcanic eruption. These are natural phenomena that are considered harmful only because of the presence of man-made physical systems.

How to prevent Natural Disasters essay

An important factor in the overall understanding of natural disasters is the perishable vulnerability of various man-made systems, settlements caused by disasters. The spread and impact of natural disasters are not the same in all countries of the world.

The number of lives and property lost due to disasters is much higher in developing countries of the world as compared to developed countries, because developing countries have greater destructive vulnerability rather than the greater number of disasters. Naturally, people in developing countries have a higher risk of natural disasters than those in developed countries.

The definition of a natural disaster in terms of risk is defined as the possibility of a change in the natural environment in a given area over a certain period and the associated risk is loss or destruction of life, property, and state activities after the disaster. Although the number of major disasters has increased since 1980, the number of deaths due to disasters each year has dropped to about 7%, while the loss of resources has gradually decreased.

Types of Natural Disaster:

Natural disasters can be divided into three major categories such as-

  1. Climatic Atmospheric Disasters caused by atmospheric processes (storms, cyclones, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, etc.),
  2. Surface Exogenetic Disasters caused by surface processes (erosion Groundwater pollution),
  3. Endogenetic Underground Catastrophes (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) caused by the internal processes of the Earth’s surface, often overshadow one another of these different natural disasters.

Natural disasters can be identified according to seven key characteristics, namely- the extent of the event, the number of events, the duration, the aerial range, the onset speed, the spatial radiation, and the time interval.

How to prevent natural disasters and disaster management:

How to prevent Natural Disasters essay

To prevent natural disasters, we must first know why these disasters are happening. While most people are not directly responsible, they are somehow indirectly responsible for most natural disasters. We can’t stop natural phenomena from happening. But we can make them less damaging if we understand better why they happen, and what we can do to prevent or mitigate them.

Some of the best ways to reduce Natural Disaster are given below-

  • In fact, there is no cure for natural disasters beyond the reach of science. Only with caution can the effects of natural disasters be avoided. But it is also true that the effects of different human civilizations also fall on this nature.
  • It may be possible to prevent some natural disasters by imposing some control on those self-destructive actions. In this context, the growing trend of drought around the world can be mentioned. As the process of filling the earth with wetlands and deforestation increases, the tendency of drought will increase.
  • On the other hand, if we want to artificially control the normal flow of the river through dams, the global trend will also increase tremendously. Therefore, keeping in mind the environment, human beings have to immediately reach out to the so-called developmental activities of their civilization.
  • Various national and international initiatives have been taken in the world for the prevention of natural disasters and prevention of these disasters. Elsewhere, continental organizations have been set up to provide early warnings of earthquakes, tsunamis, and catastrophic storms, while several governmental and non-governmental organizations are working around the world to protect the environment.
  • At present, the well-wishers of the world have realized that only if the environment is protected, people will be saved from various disasters. That is why there is a huge campaign going on all over the world for the protection of the environment. Various international celebrities are constantly coming forward in this campaign.
  • In addition, special disaster response teams have been formed at the national level in each country. They work to protect people from devastated areas by fighting natural disasters.


Every year, natural disasters are responsible for hundreds of deaths, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, and the loss of millions of dollars. Every one of us is responsible for fighting against natural disasters.

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FAQ’s on how to prevent natural disasters essay:

Q.  Can we prevent natural disasters yes or no?
A->  No. We can't. We can prevent or avoid extensive damage if we are prepared to handle such disasters.

Q.  How can we prevent natural disasters?
A->  Mindfulness, education, preparation, and forecasting and warning structures can mitigate the devastating effects of a catastrophic event in a local area. Relief measures, for example, should embrace drafting, land-use practices, and construction standards, which, however, may prevent or reduce actual damage from hazards.

Q.  What is prevention of disaster?
A->  Disaster prevention is the complete elimination of the adverse effects of a disaster and the expression of the idea and intention to avoid potential adverse effects completely through the relevant disaster prevention measures.

Q.  How can we prevent 10 point disaster?
A-> See the 10 line essay section on how to prevent natural disasters essay. you will find it.

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