How to become a Scientist in ISRO – Become a Space-Scientist

Become a Space-Scientist. How to become a Scientist in ISRO ?

The gratitude we pay for the Soldiers of the country we do the same to the Scientist, for whom we are feel proud. After cricket it is the achievement by ISRO, which keep us awake till late night to pray for successful achievement.

On one side if we find the most genius intelligent brilliant minded people working in isro to make India as the shining Star in the world. The progress that ISRO is making of motivating youth generation to surrender themself in the quest of Searching or Inventing new lands outside this planet Earth.

space scientist ISRO
How to become a Scientist in ISRO

The dream of archiving something new & innovative making the youngstars eager to engage themself in the most prestigious organisation by working in ISRO.

How to become a Scientist in ISRO :

What are the qualifications that are required ? What are the subjects on which one has to focus on ? Which type of colleges is best option for pursuing the degree ? What are the Exam which are needed to be clear to engage in search organisation ?

Well, I will tell you in details here. Hope you Learn it Better how to become a Scientist in ISRO.

What is Space Scientist ?

In simple words Those who research about universe is termed Space Scientist. There are Two types of Space Scientist. There are –

  1. Physicist : Physicist focus on the theoretical area of universe. Conditions and situations of anything in space whether anything can be executed that condition is the matter of Physicist.

2. Astronomers : The behaviour and discoveries anything beyond earth is the matter of Astronomers. Discovering a new planet is also the work of Astronomers.

how to become a scientist in isro
How to become a Scientist in ISRO

Whether you are a Physicist or Astronomer you will be known as Space Scientist.

Qualifications needed to become a Scientist in ISRO :

  • In Secondary level you have to focus your full concentration on Science subjects.
  • In Higher Secondary level you have to opt for Pure Science (Physics, Chemistry, Math).
  • You have to pursue B.Tech./B.Sc./B.E. in – Aerospace engg./ Mechanical engg./ Radio engg./ Avionics engg./ Optical engg./ Engg. in Physics with 65% marks in aggregate.
  • You should have a P.hD. in Astronomy/ Physicist/ Mathematics.
  • If you pursue your Graduation Degree from IIT / NIT it will prove beneficial for you.

If one get admission in IIST ( Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology ) then you can get direct placement in ISRO.

Best Institutes to get your Degree from :

How to become a Scientist in ISRO, How to get a job at ISRO :

You have to pass a written examination conducted by Centralised Board name ICRB ( ISRO CENTRALISED RECRUITMENT BOARD ).

Other requirement for this Exam is –

  • you have to pass B.Tech. / M.Tech. with 65% marks.
  • The age limit of the Candidate must be less than 35 years.
  • You should be the citizen of India.

For details information of various posts and the criteria you should visit the official website of ISRO.

Interview Process :

After Clearing the written Examination you have to go through through an Interview, which will check your Knowledge, Behaviour, Presentation skills from various angel, and many other things.

You should also have a clear academic record for this types of posts.

Conclusion for how to become a Scientist in ISRO :

This job is very prestigious. So you are needed to be very Hardworking and Responsible. You should have a team spirit as all the works are performed by team. Your small wrong decision can make the whole project dummed, as well as wasting millions of money. So you need to be prepared mentally and physically at your best.

The curiosity & interest for space and respect for the country motivates the youngstars to become ISRO Scientist.

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