Gang rape in Yogi kingdom,”Impossible pain, I will not live anymore”.

Gang rape in Yogi kingdom :

Gang rape in Yogi Kingdom. There are protests across the country over the death of a young woman who was raped by Hathras. It’s like a repeat of events. This time in Yogyakarta, a 22-year-old Dalit girl was gang-raped. The young woman from Balrampur used to work in a non-governmental organization. She died on Wednesday.

The police have arrested two defendants against the statement of the family of the deceased girl. Balrampur Police Superintendent Ranjan Barma said that according to a statement from the deceased’s family, he did not return home from work on Tuesday. It was not possible to find it even after many searches. Late at night, she returned home unconscious in a rickshaw. She had a glucose injection syringe in hand.

Gang rape in Yogi kingdom

The family rushed him to the hospital. But the young woman gave her last breath on the way. The family then filed a written FIR against the two defendants. The police assured that strict measures will be taken against these two.
The girl’s mother alleged that the girl had been given an injection before she was raped. Her leg was broken. She did not have the strength to stand. “Impossible pain, I will not live anymore,” he said, moaning in pain before dying.

Social result :

Balrampur after Hatras. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh faces questions as rape case after rape case has come to light. The Samajwadi Party has strongly condemned the incident. Questions from the opposition, one violation after another is happening, what role does the BJP government have?

On Wednesday, the death of a young woman in Hathras caused a stir across the country. The police buried the girl’s body overnight without handing it over to the family. In the latest news, the Adityanath government has announced a 25 lakh rupee grant for the girl’s family.

So where is the good result. Gang rape in Yogi kingdom.

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