9+ Affordable Electric Cars in India (2021)

History of Electric Cars in India

The first ever Indian Electric car was built by Mahindra & Mahindra in May 2010. The company’s first vehicle was the REVAi electric car. After that many companies took approach to make Electric Vehicle like- Tata Motors, Mahindra Electric, Hyundai, Hero Electric, KIA Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mercedes, MG Hector etc. Nowadays India is the 4th largest automobile market and 2nd largest position for Two Wheeler.

Air Pollution has growing his power day by day. Our little try will make a big difference to combat air pollution. Delhi, Patna, Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur and many other cities have high level air pollution. So Electric cars in India is much needed. Many of the cities have Car Charging facility. Here we will discuss about available top Electric Cars in India you can buy.

Available Electric Cars in India

1. Tata Nexon EV :

Tata Nexon EV offers you IP67 certified 30.2 Kwh battery and motor which is very good according to this price range. The Ex-showroom price of this car is around 14 Lakhs. From fast charging facility you can charge your car upto 80% in just 90 minutes and with regular charge you can charge your battery 90% in 8 hours. The company gives you a free home charging installation.

tata nexon ev india
Short Description
  • Model Name : Tata Nexon EV
  • Ex-showroom price : 14 Lakhs
  • Range : 312 Kms
  • Battery : 30.2 Kwh
  • Top speed : 180 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Available

This car gives you freedom to reach 0-100 Kmph in just 9.9 sec. and 0-60 Kmph in just 4.6 sec. It has 245 Nm torque for good performance. It has a unique remote control key feature. You can operate commands, vehicle health monitoring, safety and security, driving and trip analytics and location based services form remote control key.

Nail Penetration, crush test, overcharge protection, shock protection, short protection are some cool feature of Tata Nexon EV.

2. Hyundai Kona Electric :

Hyundai Kona Electric is packed with Hi-Tech & Premium features with stunning Design also. The Ex-showroom price of this car is around 24 Lakhs. This car has the highest range among all the electric cars. It has a range of 452 km. This car also has a family exclusive benefits with larger space.

upcoming electric cars in india
Short Description
  • Model Name : Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Ex-showroom price : 24 Lakhs
  • Range : 452 Kms (The Highest among all cars)
  • Battery : 39.2 kwh
  • Top speed : 167 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Available

The battery offered by company is 39.2 Kwh, 327 V lithium polymer battery for better range. You can reach 0-100 kmph in just 9.7 sec. With high performance it has good speed also. A special mode is available for thrilling drive experience.

This car has some cool features like- Shift-by-wire Automatic transmission, Electric parking brake, Digital Instrument cluster with supervision, Tyre pressure monitoring system etc. It has paddle shift braking system. The car includes front ventilated and heated seat.

3. MG ZS EV :

The Ex-showroom price of MG ZS EV in India is around 21 Lakhs. This is a 5 seater automatic transmission car for eazy drive. It has IP6 certified 44.5 Kwh Ultra high density battery with a normal range of 340 km.

upcoming electric cars in india
Short Description
  • Model Name : MG ZS EV
  • Ex-showroom price : 21 Lakhs
  • Range : 340 Kms
  • Battery : 44.5 Kwh
  • Top speed : 140 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Available

This amazing power packed car has a max power of 142.7 ps. which can take you 0-100 kmph in just 8.5 sec. The torque of this car is 353 Nm which is impressive. The car has 3 different riding modes for adventurous riding in any situation.

All the interior of this car are made with pure leather with leather wrapped steering wheel. Panoramic sky roof as well we know Sunroof is available to this car, which looks stunning from inside of the car. It has London Eye Inspired headlamp with chrome highlight on rear end of the car. Deep convage grill and Chrome headlight on tail light makes this car awesome looking.

4. Mahindra eSupro :

Mahindra eSupro is the India’s 1st 8 seater electric van with more style and space. The electric van is a whole new concept in cargo transportation and people movement. The Ex-showroom price of this van is around 8.5 Lakhs. This battery powered electric van is emission free and eco-friendly also.

electric cars in india
Short Description
  • Model Name : Mahindra eSupro
  • Ex-showroom price : 8.5 Lakhs
  • Range : 115 Kms
  • Battery : 25 Kwh
  • Top speed : 60 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Not Available

This electric van contains 72V lithium Ion maintenance free batteries. You can charge your van 100% in 8.5 hours with 15 Amp plug point charger. The motor used in this van is 25kW, maximum torque is 90Nm. The top speed you can archive is 60km/h with a maximum range of 115 kilometers. This van has additional power with boost mode.

This is a easy to drive electric van with single speed gearbox with direct transmission. The regenerative braking system helps the van literally recover the energy it dispenses. Additional Revive mode allows you to reach 9 kilometers extra if you run out of charge.

This electric van has stylish instrument cluster with- Battery %, DTE, Speed, Gear, Total running, E-gen efficiency indicator which looks cool.

5. Tata Tigor EV :

Tata Tigor EV ensures safe and stress free driving experience with NCAP 4-star rating. This bold car is fully featured with good design and sharp look. The Ex-showroom price of the car is around 9.5 Lakhs. With the help of 21.5 kWh battery, The better range you can get upto 213 kilometers with a single full charge.

tata tigor electric car
Short Description
  • Model Name : Tata Tigor EV
  • Ex-showroom price : 9.5 Lakhs
  • Range : 213 Kms
  • Battery : 21.5 Kwh
  • Top speed : 135 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic & Manual
  • Fast Charging : Available

The engine of this car is powered by refined 1.2L BS6 petrol engine with 2 transmission option. It offers you a 5 speed manual transmission and 5 speed automatic transmission. The 41 PS powerful motor gives you a top speed of 135 Km/h. You can archive 0-100 km in just 11 sec. The maximum torque of this car is 105 Nm.

This car also got some cool features like dual path suspension, comfortable seat, Led headlights etc. This car has a special feature of rear parking sensor and camera with display in the front, which is very helpful during parking.

6. Mahindra E verito :

Mahindra E verito is a very low cost maintenance electric car. This 10 Lakh rupees car rewards you with a wide range of Tax exemptions and benefits when you purchase this Electric Vehicle. This car has low running cost around rs. 1.15 per kilometer, beats all the cars from this segment.

electric cars in india
Short Description
  • Model Name : Mahindra E verito
  • Ex-showroom price : 10 Lakhs
  • Range : 181 Kms
  • Battery : 31 Kwh
  • Top speed : 146 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Available

This awesome car has a good range of 181 kilometers per single full charge. You will get 8 kms extra revive when you run out of charge to reach nearest charge station. This car supports fast charging which charge the car 0-80% just within 90 minutes. Otherwise normal charging take almost 11 hours to charge the car 100%.

This car generates a good power through 31kW motor and a 288 A lithium Ion battery. The car gives you a hasslefree driving experience with automatic gear transmission system. You can archive 0-60 kms/hr in just 11.2 sec with a range of 86 kilometers.

7. Mahindra E2O Plus :

The Ex-showroom price of Mahindra E2O Plus is around 7.5 Lakhs. This car has a special IEMS Technology. With the help of IEMS Technology you can monitor any problems of you vehicle. You can lock-unlock your car with the help of a remote control app.

electric cars in india
Short Description
  • Model Name : Mahindra E2O Plus
  • Ex-showroom price : 7.5 Lakhs
  • Range : 140 Kms
  • Battery : 19 Kwh
  • Top speed : 80 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Available

This low budget car has a range of 140 kilometers with a full charge. The battery given by the company is 280 A Lithium Ion battery with a 19 kW motor. The torque is 70 Nm. This electric car has regenerative braking system which restore the power of the car’s battery. It also has a revive option for additional 5 kilometers if it run out of charge.

You can archive 0-40 km/hr speed in just 6.3 sec with a top speed of 80 kms/hr. This car has a smartphone connectivity app. With the help of the app you can monitor your car health and you can operate some cool features like lock-unlock etc.

8. Mercedes Benz EQC :

This is the most beautiful Electric Cars in India. The look of Mercedes Benz EQC is a car where SUV meets sports cars. The all new EQC 4MATIC provides impressive range, fast charging and thrilling feeling that only gives you Mercedes. The price range is very high for this high performing electric car. The Ex-showroom price is around 99.30 Lakhs.

electric cars in india
Short Description
  • Model Name : Mercedes Benz EQC
  • Ex-showroom price : 99.30 Lakhs
  • Range : 429-450
  • Battery : 80 Kwh
  • Top speed : 180 Km/hr
  • Gear Shifting : Automatic
  • Fast Charging : Available

The main advantage of this car is battery. A 80 kW lithium Ion battery is provided by the company in this car. Te highest range you get is around 429-454 kilometers with a single full charge. This car talks to speed. You can archive a speed of 0-100 km/hr in just 5.1 sec which is very cool. This generates a maximum torque of 700Nm. for better control. Automatic gear system makes a eazy driving for riding.

This car has many cool features, CO2 emissionen kombiniert is of them. The CO2 emissionen kombiniert rate is 0 gm/km. that means it is very environment friendly. Also this car has a widescreen cockpit for better looking experience. It has LED strip light in front and rare which makes the car look awesome. Black panel radiator grille is a unique feature of this electric car.

You will be shocked after knowing the interior of this car is made of full renewable raw materials such as- hemp, kenaf, wool, cotton, paper and natural rubber. This car also provides the best quality sound. It has exclusive Burmester surround sound system for extraordinary experience.

The MBUX intuitive system is the most attractive feature of this electric vehicle. The MBUX system is actually an A.I. assistant inbuilt in the interior of the car. You can operate it through your natural voice control, you also have touch sensitive surface. You can see Augmented reality for navigation in the screen.

F.A.Qs from Electric Cars in India :

What is the best facility of Electric cars ?

The best facility of using an Electric car is you will save planet earth from pollution. There are many facilities like- less maintenance, money saving, less sound, eco-friendly etc.

How to charge electric cars in india ?

You can charge your car at your home through wired charging. otherwise there are many cities available with charging facility and fast charging facility also.

When will electric cars take over in india?

Around 2025 India will represent Rs. 500 billion worth opportunity through electric cars.

Why electric cars are not popular in india ?

The main problem is availability of these cars. Around 2025 there will be many distributors.

Can we charge it from our home ?

Yes, you can charge your car from home.

Should I need to charge my car everyday ?

It depends on your riding time, you will need to charge it every night if you it for long time.

Conclusion for Electric Cars in India :

The pollution level of some cities are very dangerous. The main focus of Electric Cars in India is to reduce air pollution. Everyday tons of CO2 we release by driving fuel cars. A little try to combat air pollution by using electric cars. Here I mentioned about 8 different cars. There are many of them available you can buy. Before selecting any car please do a more research on the official websites of those cars.

Around 2025 India will represent Lakhs of Electric cars. Estimated Rs. 500 billion worth of business will be done within 2025. The evolution of Electric Cars in India has just begun.

5 things to remember before buying Electric Cars in IndiaCost, Infrastructure, Range, Options and Support.

Hope you like it. Thanks for reading.

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