Donald Trump Tested corona Positive with his wife Melania Before Election

Donald Trump tested Corona positive :

Donald Trump tested Corona positive with his wife melania. Donald Trump has left his wife in quarantine. His adviser Hope Hicks has been caught. Then the Trump couple in quarantine from Wednesday night. It is learned that both of them have also done Covid test However, the report has not been received yet.
Presidential election is ahead There is only a few weeks left for the campaign. That’s why the US President has been busy in the program all day. Trump was scheduled to campaign in Florida on Friday. He used to take part in a valley there. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Trump and and Melania Covid Positive :

It is learned that Trump went to attend a meeting in Minnesota on Tuesday. Hicks 8 fell ill there He was isolated on the plane. On Thursday morning, he was diagnosed with corona infection. Trump tweeted that Hicks’ corona was positive. He also said that he and First Lady Corona had been tested 6 are waiting for the report to come.

However, the White House did not say how long he would be quarantined for the election. Trump himself did not open his mouth. But with Hicks’s corona caught, everyone’s worries about the president are gone Corona has entered the White House before. But none of them would come in contact with the daily Trump like Hicks. He served as Trump’s spokesman in the 2016 election So before the vote. Trump brought him to the team as an advisor. However, almost all the polls say that Donald Trump is not coming to power for the second time He has a strong chance of losing the November election.

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