Most effective Daily Time Table for class 10 students

Why you need The Daily Time Table for class 10 students ? Class 10 board tests are for all intents and purposes around the corner and I’m sure you’re all neck-some place down in your books. Given the meaning of Class 10 results, everyone intends to score the best. In any case, not a great many win concerning achieving this achievement. Their secret is orchestrating their normal schedule to meet the target.

Daily Time Table for class 10 students

Attempt to effectively manage time at the same time avoid interferences and wasteful activities with the objective that you have no misgivings later. To help you with overwhelming your heap up tests, we’ve devised the Most effective Daily Time Table for class 10 students and moreover some significant hints.

Best ways to study smarter than harder :

daily time table for class 10
  • Divide your subjects : Divide your subjects in 3 parts ( Hard, Medium, Easy ). Spend more time on hard subjects. Give at least 2 hours on each hard subject everyday. It will help you to reduce your stress about hard subjects.
  • Practice writing : After finishing any reading session you need to practice writing it. There are some sayings like “1 time writing = 10 times reading”. Writing after reading gives a terrible impact on your brain. It helps you to remind anything in details.
  • Memory Aids : Take a notebook with you while reading. Make some sticky notes as you read, make Flowcharts and Flashcards to remember easily. It will help you to remember faster.
  • Solve sample papers : Solve various kind of Question Banks to analyze your strength and weaknesses, speed and accuracy etc. It will also help you to find some uncommon questions which we leave in the exam hall.
  • Don’t read many reference books : So many students invests their time on reading different kind of reference books. Don’t waste your time on that. Read only trusted books, it will give you an exact concept about your sessions.

Best Daily time table for class 10 students :

06:00-06:30 A.M. ->  Whether with an alarm or with your mother, I want you to wake up at 6 in the morning. Finish your daily exercises and toils within 6:30 A.M.
06:30-08:30 A.M. ->  Early morning is the best an ideal opportunity for learning new things. So, you can start reading with difficult subjects. 
08:30-09:00 A.M. ->  After finishing previous step you need a solid and healthy breakfast and unwind yourself for some time.
09:00-09:30 A.M. ->  A speedy revision  what you concentrated toward the beginning of the day. It will help you to remember those things effectively.
09:30-11:30 A.M. ->  Presently it's an ideal opportunity to continue onward to the medium hard subjects. You can take each subject on alternate days.
11:30 A.M. -12:00 P.M. ->  Before closing the medium hard subjects take a half hour revise everything that you studied in the previous session.
12:00-01:30 P.M. ->  Now it's time for a bath and lunch break. But, don't eat unhealthy and junk food. 
01:00-02:30 P.M. ->  You need at least 2 hours of sleep after completing your lunch. It will help you to recharge your battery.
02:30-04:30 P.M. ->  After 2 hours of sleep your brain is now calm and sharp. So at this point you should read the relatively difficult subjects with maximum energy. This session needs to be continued for at least 2 hours.
04:30-05:00 P.M. ->  To refresh your mind, now take a half hour tea or coffee break. It will help you concentrate.
05:00-06:30 P.M. ->  After the break you sit down to read about the subjects that you are confident about. You can't read very carefully at this time. So some easy subjects are ideal for reading during this time.
06:30-07:30 P.M. ->  Now it's time for another break. Now you can play some sports, games that you like. Keep in mind that you need to restore your brain so that it does not freeze as a result of excess reading.
07:30-09:30 P.M. ->  Don't forget that your board exam is ahead, you have to write a lot for hours. So, It is the suitable time to test your writing skills. It's a little difficult that you have to write a lot continuously, even with clear handwriting. Don't forget that beautiful and accurate handwriting brings a different impression to the exam book.
09:30-10:00 P.M. ->  Have your dinner with healthy food.
10:00 P.M. ->  Go to bed for sleep. A glass of hot milk before go to sleep gives you an undisturbed sleep.

This is the best daily time table for class 10 students. By adhering to this timetable you will be able to get sure A grade marks. Click here for some Best courses you can adapt after 10th class.

How to Boost your performance :

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play and no work makes him something worse.” You have to promise yourself that you will follow such a proper schedule and you will see an immense improvement in your tests. With these strategies you can easily score “A” grade marks in your 10th board exam. Below are some tips to improve your performance, try to follow all.

Daily Time Table for class 10 students
  • First keep in mind that, read trusted reference books only. If you go through so many books, it will surely confused you. Don’t get confused by a lot of reference books.
  • Solve various kind of sample papers or question banks for some unusual questions that you can answer a full of 100 marks in the examination hall.
  • Don’t waste your valuable time watching cartoons / movies / TV all the day or when you have time. Instead, read some newspapers or education books or English news at that time. It will also enrich your language group.
  • Practice is the key of success. And if your practice is consistent, you will definitely be a topper. So, regularly practice solving math, physics, chemistry problems.
  • When you have got some extra time spend it on your writing skills. Don’t forget that you have to write a lot in examination hall for Three and a half hour. So, keep practicing writing.
  • Eat healthy, nutritious food all the time. Exercise every day. Get enough sleep so that your body and brain maintain the right balance.

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FAQ’s on Daily time table for class 10 students :

Which time is best for study?
->  Best time for study depends on person to person. If you get up early in the morning then that is the best time focusing and concentrating on your study. If you can't wake up at early morning you can also read at the night.
How many hours should a 10th class student study?
->  Some people say read as long as you can, but I say 8-10 hours is enough if you read with your full concentration. Not only reading, you have to take care of your health, exercise, food. So, 8-10 hours is the best.
How can I top in class 10?
->  If you follow the above Daily time table for class 10 students, you can easily conduct "A" grade marks. And if you do that with proper mind No one can stop you from topping.
How can I memorize faster?
->  Write everything you read. Make memory aids with sticky notes, flowcharts, flashcards while reading. Before reading current session make sure to revise your previous session. That's how you will memorize faster.
Daily Time Table for class 10 students

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Thanks for reading. I think it is the best way you can divide your time for all the day or the best daily time table for class 10 students. All the best.

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