Best Military School in India – Admission Procedure 2021

Many of us at a young age want to build our careers on the defensive line. The first thing we thought about what are the best military schools in India and how to join military school in India. How many military school in India ? What is the admission procedure of military school in india ? In this article I’m going to clear all the procedure of joining a Military school in India. Hope you read it completely for all of your queries.

Military School in India

In India there are some limited schools for Military education. There are some government and non-government schools available. The 1st option is Rashtriya Military School offered by government. Otherwise there also some private schools available across the country. These Schools are only available for boys. Girls can apply for available Sainik School in India.

How many Military School in India ?

The top 10 list of Military School in India is here. The best government Military school in India is Rashtriya Military School. Here I mentioned about some private schools also.

Government Military Schools
  1. Rashtriya Military School, Chail ( Himachal Pradesh )
  2. Rashtriya Military School, Bangalore ( Karnataka )
  3. Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer ( Rajasthan )
  4. Rashtriya Military School, Dholpur ( Rajasthan )
  5. Rashtriya Military School, Belgum ( Karnataka )
Non-government Military Schools
  1. Army Public School ( Mumbai )
  2. Army Public School ( Pune )
  3. Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School ( Pune )
  4. Bhonsala Military School ( Nashik )
  5. Army Public school ( Dagshai )

Rashtriya Military School :

The Rashtriya Military School was 1st established in the year 1925 by British government. It was named King George Royal Military School. Thereafter the name has been changed to “Rashtriya Military School” in the year 2007.

Why Rashtriya Military School is so famous

There are many reasons that make Rashtriya Military School more famous. Here are some main reasons –

  • Quality education provided by best teachers.
  • Fees are very low according to any other schools.
  • Only 5 Institutes in the country.
  • Residential facility is also available.
  • CBSE board syllabus.

Full Admission Procedure of Rashtriya Military School :

For your convenience, I have divided the admission process into several parts. Make sure you don’t skip.


You can take admission in Rashtriya Military School for 3 different standards.

  1. Class 6 -> [ Entrance Exam : CET ( Combined Entrance Test ) ]
  2. Class 9 -> [ Entrance Exam : CET ( Combined Entrance Test ) ]
  3. Class 11 -> [ by the basis of class 10th merit ]
Time of Entrance Exams

Application forms are available during the middle or last of November per year. And the exam date is around starting or last of February per year.

Process of Admission

The admission process has 3 phases.

  1. Written exam
  2. Interview
  3. Medical Test

After successfully passing all these 3 phases your name will be selected for the final merit list.

Seats Available

Class 6 -> There are only 90 seats available from each branch of Rashtriya Military School.

Class 9 -> There are only 20 seats available from each branch of Rashtriya Military School.

Class 11 -> The seats limits are not fix for class 11th because you will be only selected by your 10th standard merit.


This is a vital point for every student who are willing to get admission. Here I divided below as they are –

  • 1% – 70% seats reserved for those students whose Guardian is Defence JCO / Ex serviceman / OR .
  • 50 seats for those students whose Guardian have expired ( Saheed ) doing saving our country.
  • Rest of the 30% seats are reserved for those whose Guardian is either civilian or a defence sector officer. There is a very high level competition for civilian students.

For all of the above 3 category have 15 % reserved quota seats for SC students and 7.5 % for the ST students.

Fees of Rashtriya Military School

Fees are variable by the occupation of the guardian of the students. Year wise cost mentioned below.

  • Army Soldier’s child -> Rs. 12,000/- per year.
  • Army JCO’s child -> Rs. 18,000/- per year.
  • Army Officer’s child -> Rs. 32,000/- per year.
  • Civilian’s child -> Rs. 51,000/- per year.

Other Military Schools Admission Procedure :

The private colleges conduct several entrance exams by their own. You have look out that particular school you selected. You can checkout from their official websites also. this is your work to get in touch with your selected school.

Advantage of getting Admission in Military Schools :

There are many advantage of getting admission in military schools as I mentioned below.

  • It provides the platform to all defence asperence to join army forces.
military school for boys
  • Not only academic education, the students are well known to outdoor activities also. They got armed force training which makes a big difference between all the normal schools.
  • Not only defence, students can choose their career in medical field, engineering field, corporate officer and other career options.
  • A very special uniform is provided by the schools inspired by military outfit. Which helps the students to develop their character. They also get the sense of pride and discipline to each other, respect for the country, passion, excitement towards armed forces.
  • The most advantage of these schooling is the training part. Students get physically and mentally fit at the right time through training.
  • Students archive the sense of responsibility through training. They start behaving like a responsible person in every situation.
  • Students are well known to the competitive exams beside the original academic education. Which helps to get a job in other field except army and military forces.
military schools in india
  • One of the main advantage of military schooling is that you will be SSB interview ready to get over others. Because they have done the schooling from military school. It gives an extra advantage to get the army or military jobs.

FAQs about Military School in India :

How many Military Schools in India ?

-> There are 5 government schools across the country, and many others private schools are also available.

Which is the best Military School in India ?

-> The best military school is “Rashtriya Military School”, because it’s a government school.

Can girls also join the Military Schools ?

-> No, girls can join Sainik School for this type of training schooling.

What to do after complete schooling from Military School ?

-> You can take a army or military job after this schooling. Otherwise you can continue your further education in general stream or military college.

Conclusion for Military School in India :

I told you you about military schools in very simple ways, now you are well known to this military schools. There are some schools also available please make sure you choose right option for you. Research a little bit more on the school you select. It’s better if you get admission in Rashtriya Military School.

Remember that for civilian students, whose guardian is a army or military officer, competition is very tough. There are limited seats only. So conduct your entrance exam with 100% preparation.

Once you got the admission in military schools, you will be very responsible person. Not only you can select the defense line, you can opt for other career scopes also.

Hope you like it. Thanks for reading…

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